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300 Tweets for 30 Days

We will promote your book on Twitter. It is the platform that contains your potential readers.
We have a Twitter page with over 250K+ avid readers. We will write incredible and persuasive tweets that promote your book.
Also, only one of our Tweets gets around 400 impressions. But you can get even more!
We provide you with 300 Tweets so you can get at least 120K+ impressions!
With this amount, you will get an average of around 1000-3000 clicks for your book but you can get even more than that!
You will get all of these views in less than a month!
That’s how we will make sure your book succeeds and is promoted the right way.

Reach 250K Readers per day

Given the nature of our account, our Followers are almost exclusively made up of people that are looking for new and interesting books – the exact group you are trying to reach!

From seeing the professionally designed promotional material in their feed to going on your page and buying is not that big of a step. That’s the reason why they are following us in the first place.

Use our service for one month and you are guaranteed to experience the boost in traffic and sales you need!

120K Views in 30 days

A single tweet can provide no less than 400 impressions, and we have a team of creative writers that can come up with attractive and engaging tweets that will help you achieve the results you want and need. We tweet our book 300 times and this translates to 120,000 impressions.

3000 visits per book in 30 days

For you to a mass Followers and Fans on a scale large enough to significantly impact your Sales can take months, even years! So what can you do to make an impact NOW?

Simple. You get someone, who already has a large following – us – to tweet for you. Typically we can generate 1-3K Clicks a month for your book, people that come to your page already interested in your book! The only thing that you need to do is to just seal the deal.

We tweet with image cards
( Most powerful way to tweet books)

While other book promotion services tweet with images, we go one step ahead and tweet with image cards.

We will make sure to create compelling Tweets with stunning image cards for your book. So you can get the most amount of views for your book.
Let’s see now what is the difference between tweeting with only images and on the other hand tweeting with image cards with below example.

Other services tweet without image cards

Almost every book tweeting services tweet with images rather than image cards. In this example, this tweet contains only image and we can see what happens when a user clicks on this image.

When someone on twitter clicks the image, it expands and visitor still remains on Twitter. But there is a better way to do it and we can see this in the next example

We tweet with image cards

We, on the other hand tweet with image cards. Look at the image we have tweeted with image card here and check what happens when a visitor clicks it.

And now when someone clicks this image card of the book, it sends the visitor directly to amazon or book buying page. This is how we generate more book sales.

Book listing with dedicated page

Being an author is tough because technology has allowed more people to write books and to promote them. This means that the competition is downright massive and it’s hard to get your book noticed by people without a solid marketing strategy.

And that is why we also list your book on a dedicated sales page. This sales page is built in a manner to convert a visitor into buyer of your book. See the features of book listing below.

Dedicated sales page for books

We list your book with a dedicated sales page. This sales page is designed in a manner to convert a visitor into book buyer. You can read the details of each section of the book sales page below.

  1. Hero Section – This section will include your book cover image, title of the book with a little excerpt about the book and a buy button that will redirect the visitor to the book buying page.
  2. About the book section – This is about the book. It has a detailed outline of the book so that the buyer can get some overview of the book.
  3. Book review – This section will include the reviews of the book from various sites like amazon, smashwords, lulu etc. We will feature the top 2 reviews about the book here.
  4. Free preview section – This section explains the buyer about the kindle version of the book and motivates reader to download a free sample of the book. it includes the details of Language, publisher and number of pages of the book. This section has a kindle cover design, details and a download button that redirects buyer directly to amazon kindle page of the book.
  5. About the author section – This section is dedicate to author where can reader visiting our site can interact the author of the book. It includes image, bio, website and social media links of the author.
  6.  CTA section – Lastly we have a call to action section at this page. This section includes a cover image of the book, book title, details of the book with the buy button that redirects buyer to amazon page of the book. The purpose of this section is to remind the reader once agin about buying the book. 

Affordable Pricing

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300 Book Tweets
$ 35 30 Days (One time fee)
  • 10 Tweets per day
  • 300 Tweets for 30 days
  • 120000 tweet impressions
  • 1000 to 3000 clicks
  • Tweet 250000 readers daily
  • Tweets with image cards
  • Track exclusive hashtag.
  • Dedicated sales page.


1000 Book Tweets
$ 95 100 Days (One time fee)
  • 10 Tweets per day
  • 1000 Tweets for 100 Days
  • 400000 tweet impressions
  • 4000 to 10000 clicks
  • Tweet 250000 readers daily
  • Tweets with image cards
  • Track exclusive hashtag.
  • Dedicated sales page.

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Martha Cox

Author – “Unknown Valor”

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