Abled In A Disabled World

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This is a seminal work that allows you to see the world from the eyes of a person with muscular dystrophy. It’s important to keep your eyes open as you put this book down and start today by making a contribution to those with disabilities so that they too can live life to the fullest. Evin lived his whole life knowing that his days were numbered and that every single event or activity could possibly be his last. I want you to deeply imagine the mental pressures these types of thoughts can cause. Most people in Evin’s condition may ask, “Why me?” Evin’s story is proof- positive of his response, “Why not me!” Evin realized that he had a divine purpose, and that was to positively influence those around him, and then later in death to change the world.

Thank you for entering into Evin’s life by reading this book and hopefully getting to know him a little better. It’s not possible to read his story without thinking introspectively about your own life and how much we too easily take things for granted. Evin showed us how to live life to its fullest every single day. Even in death, he continues to inspire, encourage, challenge, and remove barriers with his story. Rarely will we ever have the chance to truly touch someone from the inside out as Evin has done in a mighty way with the words on these pages.

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Abled In A Disabled World

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