Breaking a Sunbeam

A gripping exciting book set in the present time.

About The Book

“I must say this was a rather startling book.”

“It reminded me a lot of a combination of Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill. I was sorry when the book finally finished.”

This is an action packed, tense fast-paced modern-day thriller with a touch of horror, vividly demonstrating how ordinary people can engage in violence beyond their wildest dreams when a loved one is threatened.
A happily married couple become involved with a gang of psychotic killers and fight to survive.
Precipitated into a world of violence and sudden death where the veneer of their sheltered lives is stripped away they face the harsh reality that they too can sink into the depths of human behaviour in order to survive and save their love for each other. How far can they go? Can their love weather the storm?
Can a victim really fall in love with his abductor if he believes he can then save his wife and if he does can he ever forgive himself?

“Those who favour Tom Clancy’s writing will love the minute-by-minute gun-shooting action, while those who favour an unbreakable love story will enjoy the story’s underlying drive. A great novel, just begging for a sequel.”
(A sequel To Love and Die is now complete and is followed by Blood Red to complete a Sunbeam trilogy.)

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” A gripping exciting book set in the present time. “

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” This story takes you on a rollercoaster ride following the desperate attempts of a man trying to save his kidnapped wife from a gang of phycotic killers. “

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Geoff Hunter

About the Author

I live and work in the UK and have spent most of my adult life working on computer systems as a systems analyst, planner and computer manager. I started writing almost on a whim, in lunch hours and evenings, exploring two of my interests – history and science fiction, in my first book Visions of Conquest. Having enjoyed the experience I then wrote The Silver Sun, loosely based on events following the battle of Hastings in 1066. Both available in paperback. While living in France for a few years I decided to write a modern thriller, Breaking a Sunbeam that explored how happily married couple become entangled with a gang of psychotic killers. I enjoyed it so much I followed with two sequels, To Live and Die and most recently Blood Red. To explore my interest in astronomy I wrote A Singular Event as a modern day thriller revolving around the work of the scientists at the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute (SETI) in California. My two latest Books are JUST ONCE and BEYOND the SHADOWS. JUST ONCE is a modern thriller following the extreme measures taken by an international pharmaceutical company to protect confidential stem cell research that could prolong life. BEYOND THE SHADOWS: a detective story. Many memories lie dormant, ready to be revisited and enjoyed at leisure, while others are best left in the shadows, lest one day they return to regenerate emotions hard to endure. All my books are now available on Kindle.

Breaking a Sunbeam

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