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Not everyone gets bit, but everyone changes.

When vet tech Sydney went to work, she didn’t expect the zombie apocalypse to crash through her shift.

No electricity.

No phones.

No way to leave.

At Second Chance Animal Hospital, the confinement, tension, and fear will change the employees into monsters, worse than the undead zombie dogs scratching on the doors trying to get in. Sydney and the other techs will learn secrets about each other and battle their own demons, all while trying to stay alive. They will turn on each other, fall out of love, and make sacrifices no one sees coming.

Can they pull together enough to survive, or will they be picked off one by one?

Find out in Change of Breed, a zombie novella by Ashley Nicole.

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Ashley Nicole

About the Author

Ashley Nicole lives in a small town in West Virginia with her fiancé and spoiled kitten, River. By day, she works at her local vet clinic and by night she pours her imagination out onto a page. She has dreamed of becoming a published author for so long and has finally made it a reality. She has plans for dozens of other stories ranging from fantasy to dystopian to thriller and she hopes you’ll come along for the ride!

Change of Breed

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