Child Loss: The Heartbreak and the Hope

Absolutely the second best book about grief and child loss. The first one being the Bible.

About The Book

This book was born from a heart that has been broken by the loss of two of Clara Hinton’s sons. It is her belief that hearts broken by the loss of a child will always have a void, and there will forever be a longing ache for the child that is no longer here. But, we can and must learn to live in our brokenness. Deep within our hearts are seeds of hope. When we nurture those seeds we will learn how to see life with eyes of love once again. It is Clara’s sincere hope and prayer that as you read Child Loss: The Heartbreak and the Hope your heart will be warmed and you will be able to see life from a new perspective that moves far beyond the heartbreak of child loss into the light of hope. She wants to thank you for walking through this journey of loss with her. As we rewrite our story from within our brokenness, may our story be one of courage and hope! This book is a must-have for anyone who has experienced the loss of a child. It is a practical guide for reentering life after loss and will most assuredly plant seeds of hope within your broken heart.

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” Absolutely the second best book about grief and child loss. The first one being the Bible. “

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” The grief journey is so very difficult to grasp. Ms. Hinton’s book is a treasure. I recommend it highly to all mother’s who have experienced this trauma “

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Clara Hinton

About the Author

Clara Hinton is a mom whose life has been blessed beyond measure, but has also been broken into a million pieces. She knows both the unmatched miracle of birth and the deep, unrelenting grief of child loss.Clara has been writing for twenty years, beginning with her first book, Silent Grief, which continues to serve as a daily companion to those suffering the loss of a child.In her most recent book, Child Loss: The Heartbreak and the Hope, Clara takes a deeper look into the complex, ongoing pain of child loss and walks those grieving the loss of a child through the foggy abyss of grief into a place of learning how to live within the ongoing pain of loss. This book is a reflection of her own heart following the sudden, unexpected loss of her son Mike coupled with the experience of working with grieving parents for over twenty years. The Heartbreak and the Hope sheds new light and insights on the most misunderstood grief of all – the grief of child loss. You will never view child loss the same after reading this book! You will understand that your job is not to fix the broken heart, but rather learn how to rewrite your life story from the deep love that can only be found in brokenness.Clara is a national speaker, certified bereavement facilitator, workshop leader, author, blogger, and grief coach. She has led workshops coast-to-coast over the past twenty years, encouraging thousands of families of child loss.You can find Clara on Facebook at Silent Grief – Child Loss Support where her daily posts encourage hundreds of thousands every week. She can also be found on the web at,, and You can reach Clara by emailing her at

Child Loss: The Heartbreak and the Hope

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