Daddy & Daughter Thoughts: A Dad’s Guide to Daughters

Provides Enlightening Parenting Techniques and a Truly Entertaining Read

About The Book

C. Lynn Williams has written a book for Dads and Daughters and it is a book that can be passed down from generation to generation.┬áIt is not a “one size fits all” book, but a book that speaks to the reader regardless of the relationship they have, had, or never had with their dad or daughter. (Many moms will benefit from the distilled wisdom found in these pages as well.)

What makes this book so important and different from other self-help or inspirational books is that Ms. Williams does more than diagnose the problems that cause daddy-daughter dysfunction, i.e. divorce, present in the home but emotionally absent, lack of parenting skills, childhood and teenage misperceptions, communication skills, domestic violence, etc. Bookstores and libraries are full of books that diagnose and analyze the problems, and explain how daddy-daughter relationships get to an intersection of despair and hopelessness.

Ms. Williams writes from personal experience as a daughter whose parents divorced and as a mother whose own marriage ended in divorce. Beyond that, she prescribes helpful hints and tips to move the reader from hurt and hopelessness to HOPE! Her book is a must read for persons of any faith and persons of no faith.

–Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright
Pastor Emeritus, Trinity United Church of Christ
Chicago, IL

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” Provides Enlightening Parenting Techniques and a Truly Entertaining Read “

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” Daddy & Daughter Thoughts is a great book, written in layman’s language, that discusses the need for healthy relationships between fathers and daughters. “

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C. Lynn Williams

About the Author

C. Lynn Williams is a compassionate, intelligent woman with a gift of easy dialogue, inherited from her mother. She’s a mother at heart and has an uncanny sense of knowing when something is right or wrong. Her gift of unconditional love, and her extreme understanding of others, has earned her the title of MsParentguru.Her experiences with adults and children, (her own included) have led her to write a series of parenting books to allow parents and kids to successfully dialogue with each other. She believes children should be heard, but “let’s teach our children how to dialogue and communicate responsibly”.While Ms. Williams has had many opportunities to teach, both in educational and corporate environments, her passion is helping parents and teens build enjoyable, fulfilling relationships with each other. As an author, wife and mother of four adult children, she is active in her church and community. She holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration, having attended Roosevelt University in Chicago, Illinois. In addition to writing, she is an avid reader, mentor of young women, health enthusiast, and educator. When she needs to get away, music is her muse.Have you often wished that you could stop the madness in your household with the temper tantrums that your son or daughter is having? Read “Trying to Stay Sane While Raising Your Teen” for practical, down-to-earth parenting tips. Her newest book, “The Pampered Prince: Moms Create A GREAT Relationship With Your Son”, was released on June 1, 2012. It is designed to help mothers understand the intricacies of their relationship with their sons and make their relationship, a wonderful one. To help women navigate the often turbulent waters with their daughters, Ms. Williams’ wrote, Raising Your Daughter Through the Joys, Tears & HORMONES!. Having successfully navigated the challenges of blending her family with that of her husband’s, she has written, Yours & Mine: A Winning Blended Family Formula, which is available in eBook and paperback formats.C. Lynn Williams enjoys speaking about successful parenting and is available for book signings, parent workshops and keynote speaking engagements. Contact her by email at, @MsParentguru on Twitter & Instagram and CGWWBooks on Facebook.

Daddy & Daughter Thoughts: A Dad’s Guide to Daughters

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