“Doppelganger” by Marc Seifer is well-written and well-researched. The setting is present-day America juxtaposed against World War I Europe.

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In the tradition of Exodus and Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, comes a sweeping two-tiered family saga with a modern story concerning ace reporter Rudy Styne, who runs into his look-alike at an airport in Munich while tracking a master computer hacker, and a back story about the Maxwells, a turn of the 20th century Jewish family struggling to build the most prestigious airline in Bavaria.

The modern story begins, where Book 1, RASPUTIN’S NEPHEW ends, with the marriage of Rudy Styne to his alluring (and very pregnant) girlfriend Chessie Barnsworth. At the wedding, an ancient Jewish man, Abe Maxwell, appears who apparently is somehow related to Styne. As the reader will come to find out, in DOPPELGANGER and its sequel, CRYSTAL NIGHT, Abe Maxwell is also tied to the back story which is somehow related to Rudy Styne’s German look-alike.

Concerning the back story, Seifer brings this vital Maxwell family alive as we watch two brothers use their savvy to advance their little airline empire in a hostile environment, with the elder brother, Elias, handling the business end, by in part, assimilating into the Christian community, and the younger brother, Simon, master mechanic and daredevil, handling the production end, constructing aeroplanes for their own airline and also motors for Count Zeppelin. As we watch the century advance through the family’s eyes, we also watch Simon enter the very first aerial competitions where he races against such European aeronauts as Sopwith, Bleriot, Fokker and Junkers to build the fastest and most efficient flying machine. But greater forces intervene as Simon finds himself caught up in the Great War as an ace pilot for Germany flying alongside such heavyweights as Hermann Göring, his boyhood friend and later day Nazi party leader, the Blue Max, the Red Baron and Ernst Udet, the greatest surviving German pilot from this first World War, as they battle against the very French and British colleagues Simon had raced just two years before.

DOPPELGANGER will definitely appeal to anyone interested in the cause and general happenings of WWI, how aeroplane technology advanced the war as well as modern day Internet security concerns. The author offers extremely well-researched factual information throughout…. What I particularly liked was Marc J. Seifer’s style of writing and I am looking forward to reading Part III, the sequel CRYSTAL NIGHT of his Quadrilogy…. I found that I became completely immersed in the subject matter and totally absorbed with the goings-on of the multitude of colorful characters. I could not wait to find out what would happen next! Online Book Reviewer.

Wall Street Journal and USA Today best selling author of WIZARD: THE LIFE & TIMES OF NIKOLA TESLA, BIOGRAPHY OF A GENIUS is Marc J. Seifer, Ph.D. Star of the 5-part mini-series THE TESLA FILES available on HuLu, Dr. Seifer has been hailed as a great story teller. His creation of the RUDY STYNE QUADRILOGY is the result of over 30 years research and writing. Embedded in each tale are real events spanning such topics as psychic warfare, the history of flight, flying with the Red Baron during WWI, the real history of the Miracle at Dunkirk and the understanding of the onset of WWII from both the Jewish and German perspective, forensic handwriting investigation and the details of what it is like for an expert to testify in court.

The contemporary side of each story follows our hero, Rudy Styne, ace reporter for Modern Times Magazine as he seeks to solve a murder in each case.

Starring in the 5-part mini-series THE TESLA FILES and featured in The New York Times, Wired Magazine on Coast to Coast Radio, the BBC, and American Experience, Marc J. Seifer is a graduate of the University of Chicago and Saybrook University. He is a retired psychology professor from Roger Williams University.

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” “Doppelganger” by Marc Seifer is well-written and well-researched. The setting is present-day America juxtaposed against World War I Europe. “

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” This book is the second book in the series and I found it entertaining and educational. I liked the historical references about the early days of flight and the brave men who conquered the skies. “

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Marc J. Seifer

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Marc J. Seifer, PhD has been a handwriting expert for more than 35 years and was editor-in-chief of The Journal of the American Society of Professional Graphologists for more than a decade. He has worked for the Rhode Island Attorney General’s Office and Crime Laboratory, the Department of Defense, Undersea Warfare, United Parcel Service, and numerous banks, insurance agencies, and lawyers. He was featured on the History Channel discussing the Howard Hughes Mormon Will and on Associated Press International TV on the handwriting of bin Laden and on PBS American Experience discussing Nikola Tesla. He has lectured at Oxford University, Cambridge University, Brandeis, Cranbrook Retreat, and numerous conferences around the world. Featured in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and MIT’s Technology Review, his articles have appeared in Wired, Civilization, The Historian, Extraordinary Science and Psychiatric Clinics of North America.Having lived an extraordinary life in a variety of fields, Marc set out to fictionalize his interests and aspects of his life in THE RUDY STYNE QUADRILOGY, four novels spanning over 30 years of writing. In the first novel, RASPUTIN’S NEPHEW, having taught Parapsychology and having worked with a number of super psychics, Marc covers this complex and controversial field in an exciting thriller involving assassination and the attempted kidnapping of a super psychic by the Russians uncovered by his hero, ace reporter for Modern Times Magazine, Rudy Styne.The next two novels, DOPPELGANGER and CRYSTAL NIGHT, continue the exploits of ace reporter Rudy Styne in the modern story as Rudy seeks to track down a major computer hacker. And in the back story, starting in 1906, Marc creates a full-bodied saga about the Maxwells, a Jewish family who build an elite airline in southern Germany, as we follow their travails as one of the brothers, Simon Maxwell, flies with the Red Baron and Hermann Goring for the Kaiser in World War I, and as the Maxwells work hard to maintain their airline as Hitler rises to power through the horrors of the Holocaust and World War II.And in the fourth novel, FATE LINE, Marc fictionalizes aspects of his life as a handwriting expert by constructing a graphological murder mystery as he takes Rudy Styne to Bountiful Utah to track down a kidnapper of a child-star ice-skater, and then back to New York, Indiana, Florida and Rhode Island in his quest to uncover a diabolical plot involving the mystery killings of handwriting experts in all of these states.Along the way, as with each novel, Marc constructs his stories so that the reader learns a great deal of history about each of these fields. These are unique stories that do not follow formula. They are original works that create characters that will stay with the reader long after the last page of each book has been turned.A retired teacher of psychology and forensic graphology at Roger Williams University in Bristol, Rhode Island, his book WIZARD: THE LIFE & TIMES OF NIKOLA TESLA: BIOGRAPHY OF A GENIUS, translated into nine languages has been called “Revelatory” by Publisher’s Weekly (a boxed and starred review), “Serious Scholarship” by Scientific American, a “Masterpiece” by Nelson DeMille and is “Highly Recommended” by the American Association for the Advancement of Science.


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