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You will learn everything you need to know about editing a book. From how much of an edit you need to do, the things that need to be edited, and even the tools you should employ to make your edits successful. In addition, you will learn about what you should do before sending your manuscript away for review to raise the chances of successful publication. This information will better prepare you for your own editing as well as prepare you for the process mentally. Writing a bunch of content is easy, but putting it so it makes sense and will be enjoyable to others is the challenge.Throughout the lessons, tips, and quotes from the immortals of literature, it will show you that editing, and even rejection, are all part of the journey when you are a successful writer. When you edit a book, you learn more about your characters, your plot, and how they all mesh together. While you edit you may think of a new plot device that will work better for the book, or you may discover that the book would be better suited in a different genre.The information you will receive is:What editing is and why you should do itBasics of EditingLight, Medium, and Heavy EditsThe Editing ProcessEditorsTools to Utilize in Word 12 Common Writing Mistakes Which Editing FixesStepping Back and Putting the Manuscript AwayThe Finished Product and What Publishers Want

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Dominique Lambright

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Dominique Lambright is the owner of DML Editing & Writing. She is in control of all operations as far as book editing, book formatting, coaching, blogging, ghostwriting, document editing, creating lessons, as well as all website and social media aspects.I have two beautiful daughters who keep me focused and help me strive to keep working at being a better person. I do everything for them and our future. I have been writing for as long as I remember. I have loved words since I first learned how to write in Kindergarten. Writing has been a consistent hobby turned career choice. I wrote for fun up until about 10th grade in high school, that’s when I knew that I wanted to become a writer professionally.During 2014 is when I became more serious about it and tried to get clients outside of college. It went well. I created an account on a site called Thumbtack and went from there. Many people needed the services that I offered, and I knew from there on out I was ready to become a professional business owner. In 2015, I moved away from Thumbtack a bit and officially created my website. I figured if I was going to do this, I was going to do it right. Ever since then, I have been happily continuing to build my clientele and business relationships. This is my passion ^_^.

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