Escaping A Life Sentence

A gripping true story of the Afterlife, Redemption, and Destiny!!

About The Book

After escaping a prison sentence, Cornell Bunting finds himself in a complicated time, as he died for sixteen minutes. After death knocked at his door, Cornell finds himself in between worlds, trying to figure out what’s real and what’s not. The chaos brought him closer to God and his purpose. Thinking back on the situation, Cornell wondered what got him into his life-changing situations. After spending ten months in jail, facing 32 years to a life sentence, getting out of jail, and stressing on his role as a father of three boys, what caused him to die? How will he escape his life sentence of the mind after escaping a life sentence in prison? The drama unfolds as Cornell’s memory goes on a quest to resolve his mental life sentence. God has given him a second chance at life to get on the path to his true destiny, understanding everything in this world is temporary. Escaping a life sentence of the mind starts with letting go of self and the temptations of the world.

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” A gripping true story of the Afterlife, Redemption, and Destiny!! “

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” I am privileged to have met Author, Cornell Bunting, in a business setting a few years ago Reading about his personal journey is amazing. “

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Cornell W Bunting

About the Author

Cornell Bunting, Author, motivational speaker, Game developer and a man who has escaped a prison sentence of thirty-two years to life. Cornell was the CEO of 3P security a six-figure security firm, when he was falsely imprisoned on several trumped-up charges such as extortion, kidnapping and murder, that almost led to him serving thirty-two years to life in prison. Cornell spent ten months in Jail facing the charges and another two years fighting the charges, lost six figures in dollar amounts to contracts and lawyer fees. He is now free, and expresses that he is grateful for his connection with God which has guided him through his experience. Since then Cornell Bunting as written over thirty books, working on telling others his story by publishing a book about his experience. Through motivational speaking, he teaches people about qualities he feels they should have such as assertiveness, adaptability, and intelligence just to name a few. Cornell Bunting is the father of three amazing boys, Rajay Bunting, Kamryn Bunting and Karter Bunting, currently resides in Fort Myers, Florida. Cornell Bunting lets us know, “we all have struggles, but how we talk about them, can either make them tougher or build grit.” He encourages others to speak with strength today.

Escaping A Life Sentence

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