Frankie the Ferret

Sweet story about a lovable family pet ferret.

About The Book

Do you have a pet? Maybe a dog, or a cat, or a gold fish? Lots of people do, but not many people have a pet like Frankie the Ferret. A lovable, mischievous, and comical little fellow, Frankie fills his family home with love and laughter, and his family wants to share that with you!

Do you want to meet him? Then let’s go!…

Readers say

” Sweet story about a lovable family pet ferret. “

Amazon reviewer

” This book is super cute and great for little children! Ferrets are totally underrated and to have a specific book just for them made us so happy! “

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Kimberley Paterson

About the Author

Kimberley Paterson was born in Uxbridge, Ontario, a small, rural farming town and remains near by in Claremont, Ontario to this day. She raised two children and now enjoys the company of her four grandchildren. Frankie the Ferret is her very first book written about the life of their very animated pet ferret.

Frankie the Ferret

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