Freedom’s Light

Freedom’s Light is a work of fiction, yet reading it, it felt like a factual book.

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Once again into the fray we must go to stand firm in the goodness of the light-Freedom’s Light- against those that hide in the dark shadows of evil.¬†Poignant, yetbrilliantly told ‘Freedom’s Light’ unfolds itself delivering a wild ride ofthrilling quest and dangerous assignment tasked to Rob against the evil ofterrorism. Vividly detailed settings entwined with intricately developedevocative prose is explicit and author manages to evoke the emotionalattachment for those who have suffered brutally at the hands of terrorism andits ugliness around the world.

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” Freedom’s Light is a work of fiction, yet reading it, it felt like a factual book. “

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” A book about good and evil and about our perceptions “

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Robert Saniscalchi

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Welcome Everyone! Thanks much for stopping by for a peek at Robert’s books. Robert was born in Belleville, New Jersey. He has a passion for writing,and stays motivated by the positive feedback and reviews about his books. He’s a married man, a patriot that believes in God and Country. Robert’s family roots go back to Italy. All Sales of his books on Amazon-Smile help support this worthy charity. Robert is an author,writer, and reader of the known and unknown. He has a passion for using his imagination, and writing from his heart. Robert is the author of the acclaimed books- The original story, now in new edition- Bullets and Bandages:Bond of Brothers, the fictional thriller-My Life,For Her- now in enhanced edition, the Military Thriller- Freedom’s Light and the chiller, thriller Butterfly Lake. Robert enjoys sports and the great outdoors, he truly believes, “The best things in life are free.” Robert’s books are also on ACX-Audible. Robert is an active member of a variety of online writing and reading communities. He invites you to visit his author’s webpage at

Freedom’s Light

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