From Murder Incorporated to the PGA Tour

The book has very little to say about the fascinating Dad who helped whack The Dutchman in 1935.

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PGA Tour player, Chuck Workman’s autobiography, details his life growing up as the son of Charlie “The Bug” Workman, notorious enforcer for the mob’s Murder Incorporated, who was incarcerated over 24 years for the murder of Mob Boss Dutch Schultz. During this time, Chuck was raised by his loyal, loving mother and Charlie’s other family: his mob associates including some of the most feared gangsters this country has ever known. What transpired throughout Chuck’s life as a result, is the stuff legends are made of. Chuck Workman, unfortunately passed away in January of 2019 at the age of 83. Until then he never truly retired from the game or the golf industry: teaching, mentoring, networking and following his keen knack for successful entrepreneurship. He carried a charm; intangible and inherited, it is infectious, and provide a knowing glimpse into the past of his family and his life. In telling his, and his father’s story, a deeper mystery emerges from the height of the days when mafia ruled- in a murky world between murder and a different code of ethics, “I know what your father did…” Is not said in fear, but with gratitude, awe and respect. At the heart of this unfathomable memoir is how Chuck managed to stay on the straight and narrow, accomplishing his teenage dream of becoming a PGA Tour Player. Leading him down that road were the unlikeliest of teachers and mentors: the mob. With the help of Author Peter Cimino, after a lifetime, Chuck finally told his story. These are his last words and his legacy.

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” The book has very little to say about the fascinating Dad who helped whack The Dutchman in 1935. “

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” This is a great REAL LIFE story. Written so well that you almost feel you know some of the characters involved. “

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Peter Cimino

About the Author

A published author and writer, Peter was schooled in the art of writing through various writing courses at Roosevelt University during his journey to a degree in psychology. He further honed his skills by receiving two writing diplomas from the Long Ridge Writing School. Peter’s second full length book, is an unfathomable memoir titled: “From Murder Incorporated to the PGA Tour: The Remarkable Untold Story of Charlie “the Bug” Workman & His Son PGA Pro Chuck Workman”. Co-written with Chuck Workman for the first time ever Chuck tells the undisputed, unvarnished truth, putting an end to many questions about his father’s life (notorious hit man for the mob who took out Dutch Schultz) and all about his own. In his riveting memoir, he pulls back the veil on the man beyond the myth, exposes some hidden inner-workings of the Combination Mob and Sicilian Mafia and dives in to grave detail on how the most feared gangsters this country has ever known, led him to a straight, legitimate life – as ordered by his father before he went to prison – as a PGA Golfer and Entrepreneur. It becomes obvious how the murder of Dutch Schultz may very well have been the best thing that ever happened to him.Peter’s full length fiction novel, “The Four Corners, a Sicilian Story”, is self published historical, prohibition-era, mafia-crime drama, set in a small town in New Jersey. It is currently available in paperback and Kindle on Amazon. Special personalized editions are also available through Peter’s web site www.peterciminoauthor.comPeter also has a short story e-book titled, Lucky Says Hello, that is currently available for just $.99 thru Amazon. This short is actually a tease sequel to The Four Corners.Follow updates on the progress on all of Peter’s work on these social media sites: FaceBook: Twitter: Pinterest: httpswwwfacebookcompeterciminoauthor/ Google+: Goodreads: Linked In: Published writer /author Elyse Draper on Peter: “Peter has a genuine talent for creating real characters; not only characters that smack of reality, but ones people develop an attachment to. His talents are remarkable. It is only a matter of time before his work is on the New York Times BSL.” Besides fiction Peter has also been a freelance writer specializing in sports, having written for such publications as Bleacher Report, Sports Life Magazine and IAB. He also written book reviews for the New York Journal of Books. Originally from New Jersey, Peter now lives in Naperville, IL Peter is also a baseball coach & instructor.

From Murder Incorporated to the PGA Tour

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