Harry’s War

Non-stop, military action – a great short story!

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Is this what DEATH feels like?

Experience the raw emotions of air to air combat. Feel the tension as Harry flies against seven enemy aircraft. This book will place you inside the cockpit of an F-15 fighter as Harry must decide how to deal with incoming seven state-of-the-art Su-27 Iranian fighters. Even though he faces insurmountable odds, Harry chooses to stay and fight. The reader can feel his muscles tense as he put his fighter plane through its paces facing the enemy threat.

The US president has declared the Iranian Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist threat. The Air Branch of the Revolutionary Guard is part of that force. Many wonder if the attack described in this novelette is the first salvo of War with Iran.

Many reviewers have described the air battle scenes as the best description of air-to-air combat they have ever read.

The question, “Will Harry survive?” remains with Harry as he enters the battle and afterwards, he must deal with the unexpected consequences.

This is the story of a broken warrior – a warrior victorious in battle but broken and defeated in peace!

It tells how a man wins a great victory in combat, and then loses life as he knows it as a result.

For Harry, being a fighter pilot and flying the F-15C fighter plane on Combat Air Patrol over the Iraq-Iran border was the epitome of success. After his wing man is shot down, he finds he must test his abilities and training when faced with overwhelming odds yet decides to engage his enemies in air-to-air combat against overwhelming odds.

Many readers have commented this book places them in the cockpit of a United States fighter jet in air combat; however, this is essentially the story of the ultimate air battle and the human consequences resulting from that battle.

In the aftermath, Harry discovers he must dig deep to learn how to fight and survive in the battlegrounds of life. . . Will he?

In this story, Harry faces the most difficult demons of his life. It is a multiple front personal war with demons from a deep past haunting him and some nice newly minted demons resulting from the glory of survival.

The questions are “Will Harry survive?” and/or, more importantly, “Will Harry prevail?”

You do not want to miss this story,

The author hopes, if you decide to purchase and read this story, you will appreciate the broken warrior. Not just Harry, but the thousands and thousands of veterans who have served our country faithfully and are dealing with their own issues. Though their travail, they all remain proud of the service they provided their country. They are the true warriors. We continue to pray they will not merely survive but will prevail. We owe them that much and more!

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” Non-stop, military action – a great short story! “

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” Harry’s War tis a novella that tells the story of Air Force Captain Harry Miles Harry had joined the Air Force in order to fly fighter planes, “

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Ed Benjamin

About the Author

Ed Benjamin retired from the United States Air Force in 1990 where he served as an aircft maintenance supervisor.He currently works part-time as a proposal writer helping companies obtain business with federal, state and local governments.He also writes short stories; some of which he offers for sale via digital download. He is currently working on a full length novel featuring Harry Miles.For more information, visit Ed’s website at http://EdBenjaminBooks.comEd also publishes gratitude journals, wedding planners, reissues of classic novels, and other publications via his two publishing ventures at Bulverde Books and Front Porch Press. These works are available exclusively on Amazon via Kindle Direct Publishing.Ed is located on Twitter at @colbenjaminReaders may contact Ed via email at Flowingwp@gmail.comEd and his spouse live in Bulverde, Texas – also known as the “front porch” of the Texas hill country.

Harry’s War

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