In the Event Of

This book is an inspiration for all Americans who long for liberty an justice, the American way!

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Fourteen years into the new millennium finds America in decline. The once supreme republic has slipped from the throne of world’s greatest nation to a precarious ‘also ran’ as the liberal agenda has spawned an ever-expansive and intrusive federal government. But America’s richest citizen, Landon Lassiter, has a plan to reestablish America’s preeminence by restoring the founding tenets of inalienable rights and limited government. With the help of a four-star general and a network of others in the cause, Landon Lassiter seeks to return the great American experiment to the will of the people.

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” This book is an inspiration for all Americans who long for liberty an justice, the American way! “

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” If you love America, but don’t like what we have morphed into, this is a book you’ll love. “

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Harvey Goodman

About the Author

Harvey Goodman grew up in Los Angeles then attended the University of Colorado where he studied history and developed a love for the great outdoors and Western literature. Further inspiration developed from his work in remote western locations during his years running an oilfield vessel buildings outfit. Mr. Goodman eventually gravitated to public education where he served as a high school history teacher. He subsequently became a principal and superintendent of schools.In his youth, Mr. Goodman did well as an athlete, being named the Most Valuable Player of the University of Colorado football team his senior season. He was drafted by the St. Louis Football Cardinals and played in thirty-eight NFL games, including the 1976 season for the Denver Broncos.Mr. Goodman’s first novel, Along the Fortune Trail, (2010) was awarded Runner-Up in the Genre Category of the Hollywood Book Festival. His second novel, Winds of Redemption, (2012) is a sequel to Along the Fortune Trail, and was awarded Runner-Up in the Fiction Category of the Great Southwest Book Festival. Mr. Goodman’s third book, So Too My Love, (2014) is a memoir that received the Gold/1st Place Award in the Short Story Category of the Feathered Quill Book Awards. Mr. Goodman’s most recent novel ‘In the Event Of’, (March 2016) is a timely and prescient political suspense novel that took the 1st-place award for ‘Best Adult Fiction’ and was also named the ‘Best Overall TOP PICK’ of the 2017 Feathered Quill Book Awards.Mr. Goodman recently wrote a screenplay for his first novel Along the Fortune Trail. It won the ‘Best Script’ award of the 2018 Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood, and also won the Cinema Veritas Award for Best Screenplay of the 2018 Veritas Film Festival.

In the Event Of

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