Invasion of the Ortaks: Books I – IV

Pedantic and slightly overbearing.

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One hundred years of peace across six kingdoms… shattered by a ruthless Warlord!The lands of Esthopia have enjoyed a century of peace, but that all comes crashing down when King Armus of Orknia invades with his armies. Intent on conquering the lands, the King sweeps through. His army is well-trained in warfare, and nothing seems to stand in their way.An archer from Serpenia rises. Fragments from the battle with the Ortaks unite under his command, and he vows to erase the scourge that is King Armus and his armies. Leading his men against the invaders in the name of their young queen Egny, he’s not about to lose. In Alfheim—the lands of the elves—creatures from the Underworld are desperate to find their way into the world of men. The elven army must face the massive force of evil or be wiped out. Can the evil be stopped? Will the worlds of men and elves falter? Invasion of the Ortaks is an epic fantasy containing a vast range of characters in the world of men and elves. This book contains the first four books in the series: Esthopia Sagas: Invasion of the Ortaks.

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” Pedantic and slightly overbearing. “

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” This story had a lot of great possibility and some of the plot twists were good but the cardboard character development and preachy tone are impossible to overlook. “

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Sveinn Benónýsson

About the Author

Writing books of fiction and fantasy is his life now!Having a great interest in world history, the author creates his world, “Esthopia.” A continent of six kingdoms. You will be on a journey along with men and elves, as they fight brave battles against the evil of this world and the Underworld. When the author is not writing his books of fantasy or playing his guitar, he is enjoying his walks, training in the fitness centre, and singing in a choir. Invasion of the Ortaks is a story for those who love fantasy and adventure!
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Invasion of the Ortaks: Books I – IV

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