Isle of Bones

His witty sense of humor is so refreshing. I find myself laughing with every chapter.

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Key West – known the world over as a vacation mecca. Amazing food, bars and music top off days filled with awesome fishing, diving and boating… yet beneath the sun worship and the cobalt blue skies lurks a growing danger with its sights set on Scott Jarvis.

His vacation is cut short when Jarvis stumbles across a large yacht drifting off the island. The only sign of the missing crew is a table set for dinner and a few spots of human blood…

Jarvis reports the ghost ship to the Coast Guard and heads into town, thinking only that he’s got an interesting vacation yarn to spin… yet before he can even set his anchor, an old friend from the Marine Patrol asks him to look into the mysterious abandoned boat more closely. When the private investigator refuses, he gets an unwanted and unpleasant surprise…

Charles Conklin is back and seems bent on vengeance against the Ravetti family who destroyed his life two years ago during Jarvis’ first big case. Whether he likes it or not, Jarvis is pulled into a dangerous game where two rival organized crime factions maneuver for power at any cost.

Suddenly, Jarvis finds himself in a race against time. He must peel back the layers and discover the real plot behind the plot. How does Conklin fit in? Who’s really behind the attempts to warn the detective off? And can Jarvis figure out this puzzle before he, Lisa and his sister are drowned in a maelstrom of intrigue, abduction and murder?

A non-stop mystery thriller where guns blaze against the beautiful backdrop of South Florida and the Florida Keys!

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” His witty sense of humor is so refreshing. I find myself laughing with every chapter. “

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” I stumbled across this series when I read “The Ledger” and now have to consider myself hooked. “

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Scott Cook

About the Author

Scott was born in Providence, RI in 1974 and spent the majority of his childhood growing up on the Treasure Coast of Florida. Touched by the creative bug early in life, Scott began writing his first short stories in the 4th grade.Growing up in Stuart, FL, Scott was immersed in the outdoor lifestyle. Fishing, scuba diving, water skiing and sailing were among his favorite activities and still are. Always an adventurer who wants to see what’s around the corner, Scott is one of those people who just can’t resist learning something new or seeing someplace he’s never seen before… and writing fiction gives him the ability to let others travel with him.An evident glutton for punishment, Scott’s primary day job is as a freelance copywriter. His copywriting career came about both as an extension of his love for writing fiction as well as his unswerving entrepreneurial spirit. Scott started his first real business, a website development company, back in 2000 and spent the next nine years working with clients on larger and more complex projects.Although he enjoyed the technical side of his work, Scott was always more interested in the sales aspect of the business as well as helping his clients market their sites and in creating copy for them. After the market downturn of 2008, Scott had to close his business and turned his attention to his true passion – helping other people grow their businesses through his writing talent.Copywriting is challenging, diverse, often grueling and always demanding. Yet Scott hasn’t lost his love for fiction. His first Kindle book, “Choices” was something he’d started years earlier and left collecting virtual dust on his hard drive. Now, with the book launched and gaining positive feedback, Scott is already editing a sequel and has a third in the works.With a new special lady in his life who’s both an invaluable asset and inspiration, Scott plans to crank out compelling stories for all those eager story lovers out there.“If I can entertain my readers and keep them hungry for more… then I feel like I’ve really done something worthwhile. Thank you to my readers and to those friends and family who have encouraged me over the years!” -Scott W. CookPlease friend and follow me on Facebook at:

Isle of Bones

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