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IT’S WHAT WE DO: SORT OF A LOVE STORY is a humorous, episodic novel about a man in his 70s who becomes a single parent when his wife leaves him just as they adopted a little girl from China. Mario Cervello is besieged by lost love, uncertainly, obsessions, tiredness and, most of all onions—they are the source, as he tries often to explain, of “monumental gastric distress.”His daughter Happy is his sole potential for redemption. The narration is first-person, episodic, in no chronological order whatsoever—as it unravels the story of Mario and Happy’s journey—humorous, heartfelt, uplifting—through the travail of life, love, family, parents, children and—most of all—hope.

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Bernard Mendillo

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Bernard Mendillo grew up in Providence, Rhode Island. He studied writing at Brown University where he earned a B.A. in English and an M.A. in Playwrighting.He has had eighteen full-length plays produced, two of them off-off-Broadway and others regionally in upstate New York, Massachusetts and Los Angeles.His novels are Dancing Naked with the Devil, Marvin Piersoll, Electra 225, The Providence, Christmas on Mavis Street and It’s What We Do.His memoirs are Football, Bella in America and Nuns!Mendillo lives in Canton, Massachusetts.

It’s What We Do

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