Life is a Series of Jokes

It was a very quick read. It only took me an hour to read.

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Life is a Series of Jokes
Sammy Lee Gott has been a son, brother, husband, father, soldier, and all around good guy for the last 75 years. During his life’s journey, he has learned the power of humor. This is a collection of his personal story and jokes.

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” It was a very quick read. It only took me an hour to read. “

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” Reading this book was such a pleasant experience. “

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Sammy Lee Gott

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It was hard being one of four boys growing up in the 1940s in a dysfunctional family. Throw in alcoholic parents, a hot tempered pure-bred American Indian mother, a father running secret missions for the military, and three wild brothers and you got a mix of family craziness.Author Sammy Lee Gott has grown from his humble beginnings.From poor to financially well off. From emotional broken to loved and centered. From a feeling of self doubt to one of self worth. From a non-spiritual beginning to finding Christ. From not knowing what good parents are to raising independent and well adjusted children that have a sense of what family is really about.Sammy Lee Gott has a lot of wisdom to share with the world.

Life is a Series of Jokes

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