Life On Lockdown: Pandemic Expressions

I love this book!!! A must read. It’s short, awe inspiring and dynamic.

About The Book

What a time we are living in today. Coronavirus has gripped the world with fear. The coronavirus has become a new attack on humankind. This book consists of poems and prose written during the Covid-19 Pandemic season. They relay my heart felt responses and thoughts about the information and facts as they occur. You will also find research concerning the virus, conspiracy theories and a prayer for healing to bring the world back to a state of health and wholeness.

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” I love this book!!! A must read. It’s short, awe inspiring and dynamic. “

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” encouraging during this pandemic season. She offers hope that can help carry you through your journey of life. “

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Rosita Dozier

About the Author

Rosita Dozier is a native of Little Rock, Arkansas. She currently lives in Corona, California. Rosita is an ordained minister serving at Corona Community Church for over five years, and currently serving at The Life Church in Riverside, California under the leadership of Rev. Dr. Charles Lee-Johnson.Her life changed August 7, 1981 when she gave her life to Christ. That event set her life on a path of studying and learning all that she could about God and his son the Lord Jesus Christ.The first six years were set aside for intensive spiritual training, which included learning how to pray, how to study the scripture, outreach, teaching and full-time ministry. The overall focus of the training was to overcome the world, the flesh, and the devil. Thus, living the overcoming life is more than a concept to Rosita, it is a way of life.Teaching women is her top priority, and she has conducted bible studies, teaching about living the overcoming life for over twenty years, often writing her own study material. She’s written articles for church newsletters, helped pastors put oral messages into print and edited several books for pastors.She has authored two books that are available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon. Her first book is entitled “There is a Message to the Overcomer”, published by Xulon Press. Her second book, From the Farmhouse to a Powerhouse: An Overcomer’s Journey to the Double Portion is published by Christian Faith Publishers. She writes often and looks forward to writing many more books to the glory of God.

Life On Lockdown: Pandemic Expressions

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