Louise: Ignorance is nеvеr a gооd rеаѕоn nоt tо lоvе.

About The Book

Eddie sees a stunningly beautiful lady in London’s Heathrow airport and then discover she is sitting beside him during the transatlantic flight from London to Houston. They hit it off, but Eddie is worried. Louise is blind from battlefield trauma suffered in Afghanistan. Eddie is not the best looking guy around. When he is around Louise, he compares them to “beauty and the Beast” – figuring he is the Beast.
As he works with the VA trying to come up with ways to restore Louise’s sight, he worries if she wants to be with the “beast.”
This uplifting and heart warming story will touch your soul. Clean and wholesome romance.

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E. B. Warren

About the Author

E. B. Warren is the pen name of a retired military Colonel who served 27 years with links to criminal investigations and military intelligence. He also served supervising technical education programs for military military members.His novella, The Khan, reflects his experiences dealing with international arms dealers.After his retirement from the military, Mr. Warren has served in a variety of careers including education of primary school children. He is currently at work designing and publishing a series of books to teach children values needed in our society.He also serves a a private contractor to the Untied States intelligence and security services.

Louise: Ignorance is nеvеr a gооd rеаѕоn nоt tо lоvе.

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