Mafia Madame

Mafia Madame, the debut novel written by Alexa Spagnoli, is filled with non-stop action and realistic characters.

About The Book

In The Eighties, Las Vegas was an amazing, glitzy, non-stop human circus fueled by booze, gambling, drugs and sex. This amazing scene is the lush backdrop for the story of an eighteen-year old girl walking into a den of thieves with eyes wide open, but oblivious to it all. The story begins with a counterfeiter in Chicago and chronicles his rise to Las Vegas high roller. In his thirties, he is busted for counterfeiting by the first African-American Secret Service agent, Abraham Bolden, appointed to the White House detail by JFK himself. The twisted tale of their connection is chronicled along with the gangster’s rise to major earner for the Chicago Outfit. When the gangster’s son meets the wide-eyed eighteen-year old girl, the story really begins.

Her name is Cyn. In 1984 she arrived in Sin City and walked directly into a web of deception where nothing was as it seemed and no one was who they said they were. In this shadowy world, the barely-legal sex industry was a major source of cash business for the Chicago bosses. Mafia Madame tells the story of the Spilotro’s killers and the bloody trail of mayhem that occurred in the power vacuum left by their death. Vegas was up for grabs and Chicago, Detroit and New York families were locked in a territorial struggle to stake their claim in the Gold Rush that was Eighties Vegas. Cyn and her New York Mafia business rival are locked in a struggle to control the lucrative Vegas sex industry when Cyn comes up with a brilliant plan. Her series of dangerous and bold choices lead to a rich and surprising odyssey of love, family and loyalty.

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” Mafia Madame, the debut novel written by Alexa Spagnoli, is filled with non-stop action and realistic characters. “

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” The book flows and is very fast paced. Even when putting it down for a few hours, I had the story racing through my head and couldn’t wait to get back to it. “

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Alexa Spagnoli

About the Author

Alexa Spagnoli was born in a small town in Michigan. She grew up in a private beach community of about a hundred houses. After moving briefly to Detroit, she went to Las Vegas and began a whirlwind of a life. Her skills allowed her to become, a bookie, a model, a business owner and finally, owner of an Event Planning company. In Las Vegas, the glittering Entertainment Capital of the World, a seedy, high-price world of lust, booze, drugs and depravity seethed just below the neon facade and, in the Eighties, Alexa was part of the scene. Living with a Mafia associate, partying till dawn was the norm. Through the decades, Vegas morphed from sophisticated adult amusements, to family-friendly in the Eighties and early Nineties, to “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” in the 2000s, Alexa morphed along with it, finding opportunities to flourish. As Vegas became the biggest tourist attraction in the US, the money and opportunities got bigger. As the Mafia was run out of town by the Nevada Gaming Commission, she transitioned to Event Planning, utilizing her contacts to become a legitimate success in convention-rife Las Vegas. In 2019, in her debut novel Mafia Madame, she chronicles a truly unique Las Vegas story. Her experiences color her gripping prose, lending authenticity and richness to her storytelling. In her spare time Alexa enjoys reading, hiking, cooking and fine wine.

Mafia Madame

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