Meeting Melissa

I normally avoid romances, but the premise of this book caught my attention. The author does a great job of making us care about the characters.

About The Book

Julie doesn’t know she needs a little miracle in her life until she meets Melissa…

Melissa believes in miracles because she is one. Born with HIV and orphaned at birth during a time when just the mention of the immune disorder still scared many people, the precocious twelve-year-old never gives up hope. As Julie and Melissa begin a new life together, they don’t need anything or anyone, except each other.

Peter is a middle-aged country western singer who needs a little miracle in his life. His marriage is crumbling, his career waning and he has to be sobered up before every performance. After one last stint in rehab, he’s alone and lost. Until he meets Melissa and her foster mom.

How can one young girl change so many lives? Meeting Melissa is a fun, sassy romance filled with first kisses and first true loves; a sweet mix of romantic interludes that will make you laugh and cry. Isn’t it time you met Melissa?

Readers say

” I normally avoid romances, but the premise of this book caught my attention. The author does a great job of making us care about the characters. “

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” Great book. loved it. Couldn’t stop reading it. Wonderful story about Julie. Melissa, Peter, Paige Colton and horses. “

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Margaret Ferguson

About the Author

I’m a Native American writer, born and raised in and around San Antonio. Now I live in the heart of Texas. My passions are God, my family and telling lies. That’s what fiction writers do, right? We create books and then spoon feed them to our readers and hope that they get so caught up in the characters and stories that they believe the lie. And, maybe, for a brief period of time, they forget about life for a while.I love reading, and I love watching movies. When reading a book, I expect it to come alive for me on the pages; unraveling much like a movie in my mind. When I write, I try to take the movie in my mind and put it onto the page. I wrote two of the novels I’ve released, in the 1980’s, as books and then turned them into screenplays in the 90’s when I got the bug to write feature-length film scripts. Then they were rewritten last year back into the books currently offered online. The basic outline of the manuscripts stayed the same, but everything else was rewritten to be more relevant to the last twenty years.I love to write. I have since I was a teenager, and have never stopped. I wrote very little after 2000 because I began catering. For seventeen years, I owned my own catering business, which we sold in 2015. Then, with the encouragement of my husband and one of our closest friends, another Central Texas author, I picked up the pen, dusted off the manuscripts and began again. And I haven’t stopped!For thirty-plus years, these characters have been hounding me and haunting me, and it’s time they got out of my head and onto the blank page. It’s time they wrote their stories! And it’s time for you to read them. I wish you laughter, and I wish you tears. Because if I bring out those emotions and more, then, and only then, will I be a successful writer.And, this is only the beginning…

Meeting Melissa

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