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A “riveting memoir” of the Blues. We are not talking about just music, but life in general, an expression of words and songs. Every line has a story such as: Your Aching Feet Blues, What’s Wrong With That Wig On Your Head Blues, Ooo, Give Me Some Of That Macaroni and Cheese Blues, or Finger Lickin Cornbread and Chitlin Blues. What a variety of food we eat which can sometimes be harmful to a person physically as well as mentally? It could poison your thinking and the poison might not stop with you. Could the toxin be prevalent in your DNA and pass from generation to generation? When you plant fruitful seeds on good soil it’s like the truth on a right heart. Seeds must have remarkable germinating powers in order to grow to maturity and produce flavorful fruit. Ask yourself, what type of seeds are growing in my garden?

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