My Body Sends a Signal

5.0 out of 5 stars Great story for both kids AND adults, plus it’s an awesome resource!

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How to teach kids about emotions and feelings?Like teaching them everything else – using clear words, familiar situations, exciting pictures and a lot of hands-on activities (games, puzzles, coloring pages, etc.) One can, of course, spend time and find various resources online. Or one can get just one book.This book is an excellent educational source that has is all. The book includes a cute story that kids can relate to, beautiful illustrations that capture children’s attention, calming-down activities for kids, instructions to adults on the follow-up activities, emotions cards, feelings cards, coloring pages and related short stories to teach kids empathy.

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” 5.0 out of 5 stars Great story for both kids AND adults, plus it’s an awesome resource! “

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” This is an interesting and inviting story for both children and adults. It’s very relatable for kids and captures their attention because the story line is something they can connect with and really feel, “

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Natalia Maguire

About the Author

As a mother of three kids, a founder, and a manager of an educational play center, I know for sure that all kids come to this world with a distinctive character and a unique vision of life. It excites me to see how these different kids explore the world and become confident at new things. My life experience has given me a particular skill of explaining various, sometimes quite complicated things to children. There is no better payback than seeing their eyes sparkle, “I understand! I can!”When my children were small, we spent our evenings reading books and telling our own stories. All those stories turned out to be motivational in nature. I believe that making kids believe in themselves is the best thing that a parent or an educator can do.Now, with my children having grown older, I decided to share these stories with other kids. I have written and self-published several books, that are all working towards one goal – giving kids what I believe to be the strongest platform in life – love and self-confidence.

My Body Sends a Signal

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