My One-Night Stand With God’s Assassin

Incredible Stories of Human Life! Knowledge We All Deserve after Growing Up with a History of Lies.

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My One-Night Stand with God’s Assassin
Pamela Jacobs’ ex-Duke roommate, Sarah Brody a New York assistant editor, calls, “Jump on the next plane to Boston! I’ve just read a manuscript destined to make your Bible read like Huckleberry Finn and my Torah seem like a Girl Scout handbook.”
Pam tries to tell Sarah that she’s already maxed out all her credit cards, but hears only a click.
What should have been a 60-minute drive from Logan Airport becomes four hours by the time she pulls her rental car into Dr. Carneades’ drive way in Newtowne, New Hampshire. ‘There’s still snow on the ground! Azaleas and dogwood are out in Durham!’
In the ensuing battle – Eve against Adam, female against male, young against old, South versus North, Scarlett O’Hara against General Sherman, Southern Baptist battling a non-theist, Asheville, North Carolina versus Boston, Massachusetts, Dixie Conservative battling Yankee Liberal, the interviewer becomes the interviewee.
After nine hours of this war of two worlds, her book review unprintable in any newspaper or magazine she can think of — her VISA maxed out, her waitress job lost, and her plane missed, she lies shivering and naked in his guest bedroom having expected to be back in her own bed that night, she plots… ‘Maybe this trip hasn’t been a total disaster … a smart man’s baby – at last a grandbaby for G-Mom…

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” Incredible Stories of Human Life! Knowledge We All Deserve after Growing Up with a History of Lies. “

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” Interesting psychological perspective on female-male relationships as well as young-old. “

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  • Number of Pages - 166
  • Language - English

Jocelyn Otis-Coleman

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My One-Night Stand With God’s Assassin

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  • Number of pages - 166
  • Language - English