Very enjoyable story.

About The Book

Old stone house with no history.
Secrets buried below the floor..
Glimpsed lives from 200 years past.
If only the stones could talk

A mother and child missing for thirty years.
Now a new mystery – the mothers pendant is found.

Readers say

” Very enjoyable story. “

Amazon reviewer

” The story is SO good, though it seems to be in need of editing, which was very distracting. Regardless, it was a really good story and worth 5 stars! “

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Graham Wilson

About the Author

Graham Wilson grew up in a remote aboriginal community in Australia’s Northern Territory and after becoming a veterinarian he worked on large cattle properties across this region. He started with writing a memoir about this life and the NTs amazing people, including his own parents. As a young man he survived an attack by a large saltwater crocodile and tells this as part of his story. He enjoyed writing his memoir so much he has gone on to write eight novels in two series. One series, set in the NT has crocodiles and their importance to the aboriginal people as a central part of the story. It is a story of a visitor and a local man and how their affair turns to tragedy. It is built around the real and authentic places of the NT. The other series is set around a house in the inner Sydney suburb of Balmain and a small girl who lived here a hundred years ago. Graham now live in the heart of Sydney, in the historic Rocks district, a short walk from Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. Whenever he gets the chance he returns to Australia’s Outback to continue to hear and tell its stories


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