Puppy Training with Love and Respect

Overall, the book seems informative and practical, and without any sententious tone

About The Book

A brand new dog training guide to support those puppy parents who respect their youngsters. Clear techniques divided into manageable training steps, violence-free approaches, fun games, and more – discover the ultimate guide “Puppy training with love and respect: A modern approach to puppy training essentials” by Wendy Waters! What to expect from this new dog training book for puppies?

  • No more pack leader philosophy: breaks with the approaches that advocate using force, domination techniques, and fear;
  • Dog training based on science: key statements are supported with scientific evidence available via a hyperlink;
  • Numerous step-by-step instructions: straightforward directions on how to actually perform training exercises;
  • Suitable for novice trainers: reveals the basics of puppies psychology; each theory concept is supported with “why” and “how to”;
  • Troubleshooting: tips on problem behavior, aggression, potty issues, etc.;
  • Gift for every reader: a free training calendar available through the QR code inside.

The intention of this book is to give you straight-talking, right at it puppy training advice. So it starts with some FAQs which give you a quick overview and enable you to jump into the topic which is of the most interest to you.

The first half of the book is built around potty training, crate training, and leash walking, followed by the chapter that focuses on the training essentials. The latter outlines things like reinforcement principles and cues. And after that, it comes to the techniques and commands themselves.

Each dog is unique and learns at its own pace. There is no one-size-fits-all method, and that’s why each command is approached in three different techniques. They are clicker training, target training, and “lure and reward.” Find the one which works perfectly for you and your dog!

The last part of the book addresses problem behavior and how to combat it. Those of you who have adopted a rescue dog or whose pup is rather aggressive and consistently does not offer the behavior you expect may find this chapter very useful.

Throughout the chapters, you’ll see some frames containing fun facts, research outcomes, and surprising statistics. They were meticulously selected by the author to make the book more educational. However, you can skip them if training is the only thing you’re aimed at. For e-book readers, there’s an option to tap on the frame and enlarge that image size if needed.

Wish you a pleasant reading! Hope you’ll enjoy the book!

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” Overall, the book seems informative and practical, and without any sententious tone “

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” This book was an incredible read as well as teaching guide. “

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Wendy Waters

About the Author

First time self-published author – long-established canine professional!Wendy holds an MSc in Applied Animal Behaviour and Training (Distinction). For almost ten years, she had been teaching on animal-centric degree courses in Florida, along with training dogs independently.She worked as a pet content writer and managing editor and wrote puppy and dog training guides for Dog Peer and Wag! Walking. Besides, she also worked with Vetary as a pet health writer creating guides on dog diseases and treatment.Since summer 2020, Wendy is a happy retired grandmother of 2. She lives with her family and their terrier Chief.

Puppy Training with Love and Respect

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