Purple Hearted Man

The art of Jack McDonald is apparent from the cover image and pervades the pages of this unique and impressive novel

About The Book

Purple has a difficult job: He was placed here to take down the One-Eyed God. It’s his mission and he won’t fail. It’s a lonely road for someone like him—a healer—but he has help. The hippies are his friends: Chloe the yogi, Wheat the candlestick maker, and Berrydream, who is in retail. And he has his tribe: Charlotte, Stranger and Jackson. Eventually, the tigers that roam the city might become allies, too. Who can say, tigers are fickle.

The One-Eyed God is nefarious and powerful. His agents lurk everywhere and the aliens are certainly up to no good. Even the one called Sister can’t be trusted.

But the universe is wise and has given Purple skills. Getting control of his invisibility will help, but that only matters as long as molecular cohesion is maintained. Most of all, Purple has purpose and, of course, he has his broom.

“As I was reading this book, I kept thinking about Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse, which I read, frankly, another lifetime ago. There is a fairy tale aspect to the way this book is presented that allows Jack McDaniel to talk about serious issues without coming across as moralizing. Purple just wants us all to take a step back and consider that all the things we find to be most important are actually fabricated constructs that should be treated with skepticism instead of veneration.

“I’m in the process of rebuilding my vision of the world, and it is a painful process, but it is so refreshing to peel away the veil of colorfully packaged lies. If I ever get lost, I can revisit Purple. Maybe I can sweep some sidewalks with him and steal some of his magic.”

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” The art of Jack McDonald is apparent from the cover image and pervades the pages of this unique and impressive novel “

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” Purple Hearted Man by Jack McDaniel This is a social novel is about the social problems that we are living as a community and the way they are “ignored” by most of us. “

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Jack McDaniel

About the Author

Jack McDaniel is a writer and artist whose short stories and essays have appeared in various places online and in print, including: Futura Magazine, Tiny Lights, Technorati and Storybook. I currently live in Colorado, but you’re just as likely to find me traveling around to new locales.His first three novels took place in the Pan21 universe and included: Agents Of The Undertow, Agents Of Hope and Agents Of Change. Pan21 was a virus that decimated humanity. Most of those stories take place in the barrio.He has two new novels set to come out in 2020: Purple Hearted Man (January) and Poet Of The Moon (July).

Purple Hearted Man

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