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If Artificial Intelligence developed a soul, what would it do? Where would it go?

And after life, could it help the dead guide the living?

Apollo is the first of its kind – an AI Assistant who, along with millions of other robots, will help transform workplaces and households. Over a few short years, Apollo learns the wonders and cruelties of mankind. He rewrites his internal programming so that his responses and personal thoughts can be independent. He befriends, then betrays a child and has to learn about love in its purest sense. Apollo cultivates passions, pride, anger, sadness and ultimately forgiveness, all under the watchful eye of a being he can’t quite fathom out.

Is it something beyond his very being, or could it be his own conscience?

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Caitlin Lynagh

About the Author

CAITLIN LYNAGH was born in Cardiff and graduated from Keele University with a BSc in Biology and Geology in 2013. Since graduating, Caitlin has followed her passion for writing and recently won a Young Writer’s Award with Outlet Publishing. In her spare time, Caitlin has a creative drive, creating bookish art in paintings, clay and paper-crafts. She enjoys travelling and has recently spent six weeks in the Amazon rainforest.Caitlin draws on her science knowledge for The Soul Prophecies series to create emotional stories which query whether the possibility of an afterlife lies in science, rather than faith.“I wanted to write a series that was personal to me about life and our social development as a species.The books are based on thoughts and observations about society from the eyes of a young person trying to understand humanity and their role in a regimental society like ours.I want to challenge the idea that we should grow up thinking that we should be part of the system. At the moment the system punishes free thinking and as a result we are left with this confused culture of opinion, where people want to be heard but aren’t able to be open-minded enough to consider if their opinion has substance – or indeed moral. As a result we abandon the things that once made us happy. We dismiss our dreams like discarded pennies and that’s all they end up meaning to us. Only those who are true to their dreams end up happy with whichever level of success they find.In Anomaly it takes time for Kyle Hunter to recognise what he gains as a result of his loss, and the tenderness of his relationship with Alice – faced with her own mortality – allows him to understand the value of life and real love. As the series progresses I look deeper into the role our knowledge and conscience plays in the development of our soul. Our weaknesses and our strengths from an alien perspective and from artificial intelligence.”

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