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When Sawyer Shepherd defeated the demon, it did not end the threat.
It started the war.

It has been almost a year since Sawyer, Mandy Jane, and Eli Romer defeated a demon intent on consuming the citizens of Sage City, Colorado. Almost a year since one of the people they were trying to protect turned into an even more potent evil. In that time, monsters have begun to act strangely, and more openly. The suspicion that Lucifer walks the earth is all but confirmed, and the prime suspects are Lucius Furr or his number two, Lennox Dupree.

Now, in St. Louis, Missouri, a series of strange murders committed by a villain with a red hand draw their attention. The reason is that the last victim was found as a burned-out husk. On their way to the Gateway City, a strange and powerful being intercepts them, claiming to be the manifestation of the American Spirit of Individualism. “Indy” wants to let them know that his siblings are in danger from the Red Hand, and they need Sawyer, Mandy, and Eli’s help. Then he disappears.

Upon arriving in St. Louis, the trio meets Special Agent Landon Connelly, a young FBI agent who also suspects something sinister is occurring in the City of the Arch. The murders are piling up, the odd occurrences are increasing…and Lucius Furr just bought a brand new research facility in town. Coincidence? Or destiny coming to call on Sawyer Shepherd.

Volume two of the Sawyer Shepherd Chronicles reunites us with Sawyer Shepherd, our teen hero still coming to grips with a greater, and more deadly, story that has ensnared him. Joined again by his partner, college student- and the potential love of his life- Mandy Jane and his mentor, Eli Romer; the team will try once again to save the world and face the potential world-shaking evil of the Red Hand and the entity behind its rise…Lucifer. The King of Hell will stand revealed in this exciting follow up to Rites of Passage! So they said better

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Chad Lehrmann

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Chad Lehrmann lives with his wife and two teenage daughters in College Station, Texas, where he teaches High School Psychology, Sociology, and Debate. Other than writing, his free time is spent woodworking, reading comics, collecting action figures, trying to get away to the mountains and hike, and hanging out with his family.A fan of Young Adult Literature such as the Harry Potter and Percy Jackson Series, as well as being a fan of the writing of Stephen King, Chad set out to begin creating series of stories that captured those styles while also trying to raise deeper questions about the growth of the characters as well as the readers. While Chad’s primary area of writing is Young Adult Fiction with an action/horror bent, he also writes other short stories and plans to explore other genres in the years to come. You can check out more of his writing at his website.

Red Hand Rising

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