Remember Me: The Cyberpunk Fantasy Tale of a Lost Warrior’s Journey

This novella is clearly Dystopian; it is part Sci/Fi and part Cyberpunk Fantasy.

About The Book

How do you stop a dark destructive force when you don’t even know your own name?


A royal guard from medieval England in the 1200s was somehow thrust into a futuristic cyberpunk Boston in the 22nd century with no memory of who he is or what exactly was his job. The futuristic patrons of this dark insidious city thought he was not indigenous to their city and challenged him.


After a deadly altercation with a leader’s generals, the leader wanted to recruit him for his cause. He employed his female spy to retrieve the stranger.

Klannis Chloe had to utilize her skills of spycraft and historical knowledge to gain his trust, but his true purpose was revealed by an elder vagrant who knew who he truly was, and also his destiny.

The BoltLayer Clan and the three from Klannis Chloe’s team had to split their quests in order to defeat the darkest force on the planet. Each group has to travel through harrowing adventures to defeat this evil warlock preparing to finish-off this dystopian world. Can our stranger atop him?


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” This novella is clearly Dystopian; it is part Sci/Fi and part Cyberpunk Fantasy. “

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” Every detail of this book was entertaining and imaginative. “

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Kyle Robertson

About the Author

Kyle R. Robertson was born in Baton Rouge Louisiana on January 1, 1970. When he was young, his mother told him that everyone on Earth was celebrating his birthday. Then he grew up, and learned the truth. At least his mother thought he was special. He has kept that feeling from his mother all his life. Kyle grew up an only child, and had no siblings to play with. When he was 3, and moved to Milwaukee Wisconsin from Baton Rouge Louisiana, he had no cousins to play with anymore. He learned early that you had to use your imagination to stay interested in life. He gathered many friends, but only two real friends. The two were gained at high school level, Jeff, and Jamie. Jeff has stayed with him ever since, and Jamie stayed with him until he tragically passed. Kyle was always an entertainment buff. Movies, books, music, art, you name it, After his stint in the military, he became a master of sales. He knew over 800 electronic consumer devices, and had other salesmen asking him obscure histories of products. He stayed with sales most of his life. From car audio, luxury vehicle sales, and home maintenance equipment. He became a trainer at that vocation, but he always wanted to entertain. He was stricken with Diabetes, and lost most of his sight, but Diabetes kept going. He lost his kidneys, and couldn’t work anymore. He was lucky to get a transplant He became fidgety because he was used to 16 hour days. He had to do something, so he began to write stories from the characters he made up in high school. Thus began his writing career.

Remember Me: The Cyberpunk Fantasy Tale of a Lost Warrior’s Journey

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