This was a great story of loss, betrayal, love and redemption, both personal and cultural

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They had been friends who fought side by side for better things. Now both were running from crimes neither could have imagined of themselves just a few days ago . . .

“A thrilling work of serpentine intrigue and crisp characterization” –Kirkus Reviews (starred review).

Heartsick that the towering trees that once sheltered him are being cut, Rinn van Ness commits a minor felony on a remote Alaska island.  A woman he once loved, Kit Olinsky, is arrested for his crime–and the murder of a Tlingit elder broken by the loss of the Native way of life.

Out on bail, Kit fights a scorched-earth battle in the state legislature to save the Alaska she loves. It’s not a battle she can win. But she will fight to the end even if she has to betray her secret lover, a Tlingit fighting desperately for what was promised to his people a generation ago.

Rinn slips out of the forest to protect Kit, never suspecting that he has more at stake than a lonely prison cell.

Heath’s plotting is taut and propulsive, and the pages seem to fly through your hands.— Red City Review (5-star review)

The ending was exceptional and will bring a tear to your eye. –Readers Favorite (5-star review)

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” This was a great story of loss, betrayal, love and redemption, both personal and cultural “

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” I loved this book. This is a story of four main characters “

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Russell Heath

About the Author

In his teens, Russell Heath hitchhiked to Alaska and lived in a cabin on the banks of the Tanana River; in his twenties, he lived in Italy and then traveled overland across the Sahara, through the jungles and over the savannas of Africa and into southern Asia; in his thirties, he sailed alone around the world in a 25 foot wooden boat; in his forties, he wrote novels; and in his fifties he bicycled the spine of the Rockies from Alaska to Mexico.He’s worked on the Alaska Pipeline, as an environmental lobbyist in the Alaska Legislature, and run a storied environmental organization fighting to protect Alaska’s coastal rainforests. Several years ago, he moved to New York City to dig deep into leadership development and coaching. He now coaches business and non-profit leaders intent on making big things happen in the world.


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