Self-Love: Your Journey to Self-Discovery

Thanks for a balanced approach to life change.

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Do self-defeating thoughts characterize your daily conversations with yourself?

Are you tired of this long-playing and non-stop barrage of discouraging emotions that plague you, especially during times when all you need is a simple boost of your morale to accomplish the simplest of tasks?

Do you find yourself in endless comparison with others and end up feeling defeated and lacking in every way? When you look to yourself, all you see are scars from your past, wounds that refuse to heal, and deeply embedded mistakes and regrets.

Are you struggling to see a bright future ahead of you because you feel trapped in your past and imprisoned by all the things that have gone wrong in your life and that caused you to believe that there is no getting out of this? It’s all downhill from where you are and there is no going back to change things.

The inability to BREAK AWAY from all these is not due to the fact that you can’t. It’s true because you won’t. You REFUSE to if I may be so explicit.

If you want to truly live your life as you are meant to, reach greater heights and achieve wondrous things even beyond your wildest dreams, you need to turn 180 degrees away from all these suffocating negativity and run towards acceptance and re-discovery of who you are. You owe it to yourself to at least try.

Let me tell you what’s waiting for you in the end: the experience of celebrating who you are and what you are capable of. Now isn’t that something worth looking forward to?

All you need to do is to open up and take the first few steps, be committed in your journey as you prepare for what lies ahead.

This amazing book will walk alongside you as you delve deep and face the very reasons why you are who you are today, hindered by what you had to go through in the past. It may cause you to revisit old wounds and feel them again, but trust that the traverse will not go wasted.

The understanding will bring you to the very BREAKTHROUGH that you need, to CHANGE the trajectory of your life. It will set you on the path that will TRANSFORM you from the inside out and culminate to embracing who you are and CELEBRATING what makes you, YOU.

Now go and turn that page and start your journey towards self-discovery. You won’t regret it.

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” Thanks for a balanced approach to life change. “

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” They make becoming a new person and overcoming emotional habits seem easy. “

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Angelica Lentoni

About the Author

Born in South Africa and raised in Italy for most of her life, Angelica’s main passion is bringing out beauty and elegance in others. She has always loved everything about makeup, skincare, fashion, and their latest trends.When she met her future husband Jaden, it was love at first sight. He is Korean while Angelica is Italian, but their racial difference wasn’t even an issue. In fact, their relationship knew no bounds – not even geographical distance. Physical proximity is essential in building up a connection with somebody. But, for Angelica and Jaden, they were able to move past this challenge and come out even stronger.Eventually, Angelica decided to move to Toronto, Canada as she pursued two of the most important things in her life: her marriage to the man who is her rock, anchor, and soulmate and her insatiable fascination for beauty.Now she is wife to Jaden and a mom to their sweet and charming daughter, Jadeangel. An adorable Pomeranian named Cherie completes their amazing bunch.Angelica’s zeal for anything about beauty and self-discovery never waned even as she went through various life stages as a wife and a young mother. Her experiences are much like that of a typical woman – body changes as you give birth, struggles with weight gain, skincare issues, among others. She faced all these while fulfilling her role as a doting mother to their newborn child. She had a lot on her plate but she came out on top.Because of these, Angelica has set her heart and mind on overcoming dating, relationships, parenting, and self-esteem challenges and sharing to all the women in the world the HOW.To equip herself in her chosen niche, she went to the prestigious C|MU College of Makeup Art & Design and received certification as a professional make-up artist. Her desire to inspire and empower women only grew stronger the more she learned about beauty and personal style.Angelica lives to tell WOMEN about self-care, self-love, and the pursuit of mind and body wellness. She wants everyone to have a Glow Up Lifestyle, which she blogs about on her website ( She also produces videos on YouTube where she shares various beauty hacks, skincare tips, fashion trends, healthy diets, and makeup tutorials. She is also an entrepreneur, having co-founded two companies that are fueled by her biggest passions: GLOWNIQUE ( and DEA STILOSA (, which are beauty and fashion brands for WOMEN. Her upcoming books will feature ideas that you will definitely look forward to.Angelica believes that every woman must be comfortable in her own skin, despite the breakouts, weight gain, bad hair days, and all. It’s not so much your size or other beauty issues that you may have that tell people who you are, but it’s about CELEBRATING your UNIQUE beauty wherever you are in your life journey as a WOMAN.Blog: Instagram: @glowuplifestyles Facebook: @glowuplifestyles Twitter: @glowupstyles YouTube:

Self-Love: Your Journey to Self-Discovery

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