So Long Earth

The story narrates how this affects families, politics and society itself.

About The Book

2017. Dr. Thomas Burns, an environmental engineer, is listening to the President, talk about global warming. He and his colleagues quickly realize that Earth will no longer be able to sustain life in a few years. Environmental disasters all over the world are occurring at a quicker rate, and each one seems to be stronger than the previous one. As a result, Tom begins to develop and carry out his plans to build 4 spaceships for 1,000 people each to leave Earth and travel to a new galaxy to find a place to live. The Russians, Germans, and Australians all agree to build spaceships and join Tom in search of a new home somewhere in the Alpha Centauri Galaxy.

Over the next 20 years of planning Tom along with his wife, Sarah, determined but naïve son, Sam, his loyal second-in-command, Bob Jackson, and an amazing medical doctor, Dr. Sato, Tom must wrestle with inevitable questions. How are they going to sustain life for such a long journey? How can they travel fast enough? Will the Russians fully cooperate? How will they be able to successfully launch four huge spaceships at the same time? Most of all, will they be able to save humanity?

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” The story narrates how this affects families, politics and society itself. “

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” So Long Earth is a science fiction book that has a lot of interesting science. “

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About the Author

If you like Star Trek this book is for you. My science-fiction debut gazes at pioneering efforts to save the future and potential of humanity, contemplating the promise and blunders of an ambitious quest to colonize beyond our galaxy when we face existential risks. So Long Earth is my debut novel, and not written by my clone, I have earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Rochester Institute of Technology, a Master’s degree from Gallaudet University, and a Ph.D. in Special Education from the University of Maryland at College Park.I am married with one son and live in Florida. I am originally from Mount Vernon, New York (Go Knights). I became deaf at the age of 13 from the measles. Despite that obstacle, I managed to eventually earn a Ph.D. in Special Education from the University of Maryland. I worked as a teacher for many years including teaching high school science at a school for the Deaf in New York. I also worked as a college professor teaching American Sign Language (ASL) as well as training teachers to work with the deaf.In my spare time, I enjoy sports, playing chess, golf, and poker. Many people say I look like Albert Einstein.Why did I write this book? We are not doing enough to save our Earth and, thus, save humanity. I became interested in the topic in the early 1970’s when I was a chemistry major at Rochester Institute of Technology. One of my professors gave a lecture on the effect of aerosol sprays on the ozone layer. Since that time, our climate and environmental issues have only become much worse. We must act now by trying to save the planet for as long as possible and building a great research team to build spaceships for the inevitable destruction on Earth. My clone will be on the spaceship. Join me.

So Long Earth

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