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This is a book chock-full of misquoted scripture passages , false Bible aphorisms and unbiblical phrases that church folks say.

We build harmful doctrines and beliefs on things like “try the spirit by the spirit,” NOT knowing that the words that are coming out of our mouths are…

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Dr. La Monte McNeese

About the Author

Dr. McNeese began preaching at the age of 19, was licensed by the P.A.W. at age 23, appointed assistant pastor of Bethel Star Apostolic Church in Vine Grove, Kentucky at the age of 24 under the leadership of Elder Herman J. Fountain and was ordained in 1989 under the direction of the Honorable Bishop Curtis E. Montgomery, with then presiding Bishop James “A1” Johnson as the officiant and speaker.Pastor McNeese is an army veteran and as such, he traveled throughout Europe, teaching and preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. He has always had a passion for biblical accuracy. At the age of 25, he founded a church in 1985 in West Germany where he began his pastoral ministry and subsequently, in 1986 established Apostolic Bible College, formerly McNeese Bible Academy, as a training institute for members of his congregation, One Way Apostolic Assembly.Dr. McNeese is an autodidact and a strong proponent of non-traditional Christian education. He holds no secular degrees or degrees via honoris causia, opting instead for self-study and quality BBS, MBS and Ph.D. diplomas from International Seminary, Christian Bible College, and Aenon Bible College, all religious institutions, respectively.


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