The Bounty: A Poet on the Run

Entertaining and Funny!

About The Book

In 1995 a loving father and esteemed poet crosses the blurred lines of West End Atlanta’s underground.
Now he has less than 24 hours to come up with $30,000 or else…
A Junkie…A Hoodlum….A Country Boy and a Lunatic…
What could go right?

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” Entertaining and Funny! “

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” The author gives defined characteristics of each scene that will place you there! “

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Christopher Williams

About the Author

Chris Williams is a graduate of Morehouse College. Raised in the West End of Louisville, Ky and the SWATS (Southwest Atlanta), he enjoys writing gritty crime thrillers, horror, and Sci-Fi.Look for “Fear Me Now” his first published novel that is a thought provoking spine tingler; the anthology of horror/sci-fi tales found in “The Devil’s Eclipse” and the acclaimed new release “The Bounty: A Poet on the Run” which is a comedic adventure through the ‘hood.Also “Fear Me Now: The War Annex” is a special uncut edition of Fear Me Now with an additional chapter, featuring an ending only built for the warriors, is set to be released December 2020.Two more projects are in production: “The Devil’s Eclipse Book 2: Tales from the Midnight Hour” and “Memoirs of a Black Boy: 1979 – 1989, Come Love Me Now.” Both are set to be published in 2021.This new author has been praised by his growing fan base. He may be reached at

The Bounty: A Poet on the Run

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