The Cat Who Fell to Earth

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Caught in the middle are two of the most unlikely of heroes – Kedi, a leonine alien planetary environmental scientist who’s science probe delivering ship is deliberately sabotaged to create the incident and Crystal Hopkins, a Sedona AZ New Age shop owner who witnesses the crash landing in Boynton Canyon and gets involved with helping him escape capture by Area 51 military forces known as MAJESTIC that are quickly closing in. Crystal’s crusade to save Kedi soon involves her teen neighbors, Brian and Tony and her live in boyfriend, Dennis whose fundamentalist Christian world view is badly shaken. All quickly find themselves way over their heads in an interplanetary situation.

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Nick Korolev

About the Author

Nick Korolev was born in New Jersey and grew up in a boating family. His love of the sea and all things maritime from tall ships to submarines often shows in his writing of maritime historical fiction. Other inspiration is grounded in his love and vast experience with animals from personal pets to wildlife and Civil War studies. He is a member of the top Civil War living history group, Federal General’s Corps, who teach the public through first person presentations of officers and civilians of the time. Also an accomplished award winning professional artist, he works in oils, acrylic, ink and colored pencil and creates everything from wildlife paintings and portraits to cartoons and book illustrations. He is the author of several books and award winning stage and screenplays, which are available on in both paperback and Kindle editions. Favorite genres in both reading and writing are historical fiction, fantasy and science fiction. He keeps a blog on FaceBook Nick Korolev Author/Artist and is on LinkedIn. He presently resides in Fisher, West Virginia with two cats, Teddy and Ninja. Book trailers on YouTube : SWAMP DRAGON DARK WATERS

The Cat Who Fell to Earth

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