The Colours I See

The writing is incredible, the characters are so real, dealing with very real life issues. My heart was over following with love and pride for them all.

About The Book

A story of magical realism and the magic of love.

His world is full of colour and emotions. His journey is of love and maturity. His goal is to save everyone, but not everyone can be saved.

Growing up different in the 70s and 80s isn’t easy, especially for someone as self-actualised as Zel. And between his health, his gift, and his sexuality, Zel knows exactly how different he is. But he’s stubborn, and optimistic, and, most importantly of all, in love.

Book Blurb

There’s nothing wrong with being different, it’s wrong that people think there is.

And, in lots of ways, I am different. I’m too thin. My eyes are too dark. I breathe funny. I’m genius level smart… but I’d rather be an artist like Aunt Zelda was. Not that my parents like that much, since they’d rather I wasn’t ‘wasting my potential’. But the thing is, I don’t just love art, I’m seriously good at it too. Maybe not as good as Aunt Zelda, but still really good; even if it’s not always easy to get everyone’s colours right.

That’s one of my secrets you know. The colours I see around people. The ones that tell me what everyone’s feeling. Most people can’t see them. But I can. And, from the way Aunt Zelda painted, I’m pretty sure she could too. It’s another thing that makes me like her, and something else that makes me different. That makes me, me. And one I’m totally not above using to my advantage, because, lets face it, what else am I going to use the world’s lamest superpower for?

There’s… another big secret I have. One which could get me into a lot of trouble if the wrong people found out. But it’s not like I planned on fancying him. I didn’t even realise I could fancy him till I already did. And there’s nothing wrong with me trying to find out if he fancies me back, is there? I mean, I have his colours right there, just begging for me to use them. So I should try to figure it out, shouldn’t I? Because… because I… I really want him to fancy me back, and then…

But if he doesn’t, that’ll be okay. I mean, I’ll make myself okay with it. Because he’s one of my best friends, and… and I’d rather he was in my life than not. And if Aunt Zelda figured out ways to make it okay, then… then I know I can too. I just… really hope… I don’t have to.

The Neva Aton Collection

Four boys who were made to be friends. Four stories with a bigger tale to tell.

Sly, Zel, Jay and Arian. Four boys who meet by chance and circumstance, but the friendships they form feel more like fate. Brought together by their sense of humour. Kept together because of the genuine bond they have with each other. Each with their own story to tell.

The Neva Aton Collection is a series of magical realism books which have been designed to be read in any order. Each story is able to stand alone, but when put together show the power the relationships around us can have on our lives.

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” The writing is incredible, the characters are so real, dealing with very real life issues. My heart was over following with love and pride for them all. “

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” The Colours I See A celebratory exploration of difference- and not a flicker of inspiration porn in sight! “

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Ila Golden

About the Author

Ila Golden was born in Plymouth, England, the second of three children. When she was six her maternal grandmother had a series of strokes which left her permanently disabled. As a result of this she and her family moved in order for her grandmother to live with them, selling both their home and their grandmother’s home in the process. During this transitional period Ila discovered her love of storytelling whilst telling her younger brother stories about two little mice during the long car journeys to school and back.As she grew this love of storytelling became a constant rock in her life, despite all the turmoil and changes happening around her. And it was during her teens she would begin work on the two stories that would drive her ambition forward and eventually lead her down a path towards Indie-Authordom.The first of these two stories was Hyena Boy, which would undergo years of on and off attention before finally being published in 2018. The second was a fanfic which gave her insight into why she loved writing – for the enjoyment of the readers, especially those she was able to connect with.Ila Golden went to university in Winchester, England, where she studied Drama and Creative Writing, leaving with a 2:1 degree. She would then go on to self-publish her first book, Blood, Friendship & Marriage: Time Forgets in 2008 with print on demand company Lulu, but was unable to find the right marketing to promote the book at the time. In 2012 she tried again with Realms & Reality: Zero Conformity, and a different company who set the price of her print on demand book for her, pricing it out of the market. The lack of early success, combined with growing health concerns led to a five year long withdraw from attempting to become an author. Time spent writing without the intent of publishing, honing skills whilst attempting to be satisfied with the idea of never achieving her dream.It was during this five year period she was first diagnosed with Hypermobility Syndrome and later with Fibromyalgia. The priority became learning to live with and manage these conditions without losing the ability to work. Something that still continues to be a juggling act.Then, after the death of her grandfather and rabbit in 2016, the fire of a true author began to burn within her again. No longer content to write books the world would never see, she began the long process of preparing her next book for publication, returning once again to Lulu. 2017 saw the release of Echoe, first in ebook only and later in paperback. And, in the turmoil following a difficult breakup, Ila also began posting vlogs on her YouTube channel, which only furthered her drive to make a success of her dream career.It was at this time she turned her attention back to Hyena Boy, making it her next book for release. During the long editing process she not only found herself re-falling in love with the story and its characters, but also inspired to tell a different story, one that she spotted happening in the background of Hyena Boy. One which would go on to surprise her in many ways, whilst giving birth to The Neva Aton Collection.Hyena Boy, the first book from the collection to be released, was originally published in 2018 via Lulu. In 2019 The Colours I See, the companion book, was published using KDP. Shortly after the publication of The Colours I See, Hyena Boy received a second edition release via KDP, to improve its continuity, and give it its own more unique flavour within the collection. The collection is currently planned to be four books in total, with the third and fourth books hoping for release in 2020 and 2021 respectively.With a large backlog of unpublished books at her disposal, Ila Golden may not yet be the best selling author she dreams of being, but she’s now more than ever determined to reach that goal.

The Colours I See

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