The Coronavirus Effect Story

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When Covid-19 hits, Elise McKenna was on assignment in Wuhan China, her father, Matthew McKenna was on a book tour in Europe. Only her mother, Dr. Sonya McKenna was home in Irondequoit, NY. When Elise is scheduled to fly back to the United States and doesn’t show up, Sonya worries, but tries to remain calm. There was the possibility since Elise had heard about Wuhan from her great grandmother who was born there and later from her grandmother, she decided to stay longer. It had always been her hope to visit the area and when the opportunity presented itself from the travel company she works for, she quickly took the assignment to write a travel guide on the area. She is to be there for 20 days, giving her plenty of time to visit tourist attractions and create a travel guide for the company. At the end of the assignment, Elise doesn’t get on her return flight and isn’t answering her cell.Sonya tries to reach her daughter with no success and once Covid-19 hits the US, she is busy at the hospital facing the devastating results of the virus. Each day and through the night, the staff have not a minute to themselves as they try to save patients and watch others lay dying and there is nothing, they can do for them. When Sonya begins to see patients disappearing from the floor who had not died, she gets suspicious and tries to find out what has happened to them. That curiosity ends in her assumed missing. And, around the same time the staff and patients at the coronavirus test clinic all end up missing.The only one left to find Elise, is her father. He begins the impossible trek from England to Wuhan China. With the governments limiting passage of people across their borders as a result of the virus, it takes tenacity to finally reach his destination.Once in Wuhan, he begins the search for his daughter.

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Juanita Tischendorf

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Juanita Tischendorf has also written under Juanita B Tischendorf and JB Tischendorf. She lives in Upstate NY. To her credit she has released several nonfiction books and several fiction books, completing books recently at the rate of one book per year. Her fiction writing covers fantasy, love and forensic type mysteries. She completed a writing course at the University of Washington and participates in the James Paterson masterclass offering. Juanita is a member of the Writers Guild of America. She started a book club over 10 years ago and has a little library installed in front of her home.

The Coronavirus Effect Story

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