The Dance Card

Great book loved it! Divorce is hard and getting back out in the dating scene after is even harder.

About The Book

Without a hint of warning, Ann Reichardt’s husband betrayed her after thirty years of marriage. He told her he was no longer over her, announced he was leaving and wanted a divorce. The unceremonious and unexpected end of her marriage left her devastated and blindsided, and was a rude awakening. Her dream of eternal marital bliss was over. Instead of hanging her head low, at age 56 Ann jumped into the deep end of the cyberspace dating pool. Her quest to find love after divorce takes her on an exciting journey filled with romance, lust, drama, heartbreak and ultimately self-discovery. Ann nicknames her suitors after different ballroom dances that reflect their personalities and dating styles, including Mr. Slow Dance, the perfect entre into the dating world after a long and monogamous marriage, a conservative dancer who took his time getting to know her; Mr. Jitterbug, who in contrast was high energy, uninhibited, full of improvising, and a high- wire act who was often out of control; Mr. Rumba, sultry and sexy who brought electrifying chemistry to the dance floor; and Mr. Waltz, whose dance moves were slow and deliberate, full of emotion, drama and romance and held the hope of love and commitment. From a full-fledged committed rebound relationship that happened too soon after her divorce, to a tempestuous, sexy on again off again affair where the chemistry was overpowering, to a loving romantic relationship, Ann shares her wide range of experiences that will inspire women-and men-of all ages that there is romance after divorce, if you are willing to look for it.

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” Great book loved it! Divorce is hard and getting back out in the dating scene after is even harder. “

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” Having adventured into the world of internet dating for several years, I was very curious to read another women’s perspective of “wonderland”. “

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Ann Reichardt

About the Author

Ann is a resident of Wisconsin. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Education and in Nursing. She worked as an orthopedic nurse and public health nurse in both hospital and clinical settings. After retirement she returned to her creative passions: drawing, painting, illustrating for children’s and poetry books. Writing became a natural progression. Ann has two adult daughters that have encouraged her in every aspect of this adventure.Her love of sports began early in her life and she enjoys skiing, skating tennis, golf, water sports, football, basketball and biking. Along with her athletic endeavors she has been seen on stage in regional and theatrical performances. Singing is predominant theme, and performing as a family is a passion. Passion for the ones we love and productivity in the life we live creates balance and happiness, a personal motivation she hopes will be obtained by those in her life

The Dance Card

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