The Dancer That Flew

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In the 1970’s, the troupe of dancers is her livelihood at the tender age of eighteen. The dancer is talented. The dance manager’s treatment of her is unequal to her counterparts. Despite this form of discrimination, some of this company recruiters believed in the fair skinned dancer’s abilities, believing that she, as a Negro woman, could make a difference for all of the girls in America.

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BeeKels ArtOrigins

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Kelsi B. Brooks (BeeKels ArtOrigins) is an Educator who resides in Atlanta, Georgia. She enjoys the performing arts, hiking outdoors, and bonding with animals. As a new author, she writes a historical fiction and a short story about the paranormal. The inner beauty of light is inspiration for BeeKels ArtOrigins. In her books, she seeks to illuminate truths of romance, historical ties to reality’s past, and use fiction as her lamp.The journey of freedom starts with a reason to be enslaved. When Tembo and his comrades flee to become a part of the Cimarron band, a new life can become a reality for runaway slaves. This historical fiction explores the narrative of Native Indians in the South Eastern region. Enjoy her publication on Amazon, called “Light: A Historical Fiction”.The Author Blog:BeeKels ArtOrigins Author Page

The Dancer That Flew

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