The Earl and the Merchant’s Daughter

this is not only fun and entertaining, but also beautifully historical.

About The Book

Due to her father’s investment acumen, Lucy Swinton finds herself a guest at a duke’s country house party. Still, she knows her place, for the nobility frown on their titled sons marrying a merchant’s daughter.
The Earl of Camberley, a renowned rake, is expected to propose to a young lady of his mother’s choosing. But Camberley can’t bring himself up to scratch. Instead, he drinks himself into a stupor and ends up in Lucy’s bedchamber.
What a hullabaloo! When a maid discovers the naked lord in the merchant’s daughter bed, Camberley feels duty bound to propose. But when Lucy refuses to marry him, Camberley must convince the merchant’s daughter to take a chance on him.
The Earl and the Merchant’s Daughter is a clean, sweet, stand alone Regency romance.

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” this is not only fun and entertaining, but also beautifully historical. “

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” It’s a smart book, with twists and turns that make it easy to read and impossible to stop. “

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Margaret Bennett

About the Author

As an avid reader, I became a fan of Georgette Heyer’s Regency novels, then started writing Regency romance novels as a hobby, and love writing about strong, resourceful women in an age where it was thought that women were incapable of taking care of themselves and couldn’t own property.Kindle e-books have allowed me to grow as a writer. With each novel, I have made mistakes, but I have learned so much along the way. I enjoy reading my reviews and am thankful that my readers take the time to critique my novels. I am also a member of RWA and the Lowcountry local chapter.I am currently retired in beautiful Port Royal, SC, with my husband and our dog Sally, happily working away on my next novel.

The Earl and the Merchant’s Daughter

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