Another Page Turner by Topol – The Slippery Lines of Power and Politics

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Former US Congressman Anthony Ferrari is now living in Milan and romantically involved with the beautiful Chiara Moretti, one of the world’s top concert pianists. When the two of them are vacationing in Corsica and running on the beach, Chiara is suddenly shot. Enraged, Anthony launches an investigation to determine who is responsible and to punish them.

This investigation enmeshes him in French politics and he clashes with Louise, a French intelligence officer and former lover of his who wants to rekindle their relationship. He finally concludes that Russian President Volkov, a long-time enemy of his from his days as a congressman, is responsible and he plans to assassinate him. But can he actually kill a head of state and get away with it? And what will the ramifications be for Chiara, who’s alive but terrified the killer — or killers — will make a second attempt?

Full of dazzling international locations and furious action, THE FRENCH REVENGE is a thriller that will keep you guessing until the very end.

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” Another Page Turner by Topol – The Slippery Lines of Power and Politics “

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I have been fortunate to be a partner in a large Washington based international law firm while writing my geopolitical novels. I’ve gotten to know US and world leaders as well as intelligence agents. At the same time, numerous publications have carried my op-ed pieces including the NY Times, Washington Post, Huffington Post, and And I have been traveling extensively in foreign locals.All of these factors have contributed to my thoughtful action based geopolitical thrillers. The goal has been to write page turning, entertaining novels, taking place in exotic locals, while also informing and educating readers. Two of my novels, Spy Dance, and Enemy of My Enemy, have made national best seller lists. One was optioned; two are under consideration in Hollywood for feature films; and a television series is being considered for the Craig Page novels. Some have been translated into Japanese, Portuguese, Chinese, and Hebrew.Many of the issues at the heart of my novels have been an accurate forecast of world developments. For example, China’s rise in military power (The China Gambit); the resurgence of Russia (The Russian Endgame); the conflict between Christians and Muslims in Europe (The Spanish Revenge); and Chinese efforts to gain an economic foothold in Western Europe (The Italian Divide). I hope you will use the reader mail on my website: to send me an email.


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