The Golden Cage: From Entrapment to Empowerment

The Golden Cage was clearly written from a place of deep vulnerability and courage.

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Discover how to break free of life’s cages and follow your heart’s calling. Do you feel trapped in a relationship or career, going through the motions of life with little excitement or passion? Are you spending time dreaming about doing something different with your life? If this sounds like you, you may be living in a Golden Cage that brings you some measure of comfort and security, yet it does not fulfill your heart’s desires. The Golden Cage is a spiritual self-help book that will help you gain the necessary courage and skills to break free of life’s Cages and lead an empowered life in alignment with your heart’s true longing. Drawing on her personal stories of breaking free from Cages to find empowerment, the author guides you through a powerful, insightful, step-by-step approach that shows you how to: – Identify your Golden Cage and its purpose for existing – Master the five keys to unlocking your Cage – Create an empowering relationship with fear – Build inner strength and self-confidence – Tap into and follow your inner guidance and truth – Uncover your heart’s true passion and take steps towards making your dreams a reality It’s time to escape from your entrapment so that the world may benefit from your brilliance and unique beauty.

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” The Golden Cage was clearly written from a place of deep vulnerability and courage. “

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” Reading this book is like having a deep personal conversation with a dear friend. “

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Margot Zaher

About the Author

Margot Zaher is an empowerment and relationship coach that supports individuals in breaking free from relationships, careers, and other life circumstances in which they feel entrapped. She empowers her clients to leave their Golden Cages and follow their hearts’ desires by supporting them in befriending their fears, healing from entrapment, deepening their connection to Spirit, harnessing their natural strength and abilities, and tapping into inner guidance and wisdom.Her mission is to create a paradigm shift with regards to the way we, on this planet, live our lives. Instead of remaining stuck in careers or relationships that do not feed our hearts out of fear of being alone or fear of the unknown, she assists those who are ready to leave stale, dead-end careers or relationships and fly free to follow their dreams.As a relationship coach, she also helps individuals transform unhealthy relationships into ones that are full of intimacy, connection, and authenticity. Her clients learn how to manifest partnerships where both partners feel truly cherished, respected, and loved by shifting the way they relate to their beloved, and by interacting at a deeper soul level. Learn more about creating this shift by reading her book, Soul Love Tango: How to Manifest Extraordinary Soul-based Relationships.Her extensive background of over 25 years of study and transformational work includes a Masters in Psychology, and a Professional Coaching Certification. She is certified as an EMDR Facilitator, and as a hypnotherapist, and has extensive training in the Enneagram classification model, Gestalt therapy, and Jungian Archetypal psychology.She has coached hundreds of clients, supporting them in creating relationships and lives they truly love. She is eager to support you in either breaking free of a relationship or life Golden Cage, or in creating a blissful relationship. Find out more about how she can support you at

The Golden Cage: From Entrapment to Empowerment

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