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Zogi defied King Bantu Banujala by going behind the Hago Gate, resulting in two outcomes: The appearance of the Harlem Magical Playground, which usually brought excitement to Harlem’s citizens and its neighbouring kingdoms. The appearance of the Harlem Beast, bent on disrupting the lives of everyone, both near and far. The citizens of Harlem cannot stop asking: Who is to blame for the Harlem Beast? Is it Zogi who’d been determined to uncover the secrets behind the Hago Gate – and as result had defied King Bantu Banujala by going behind the Hago Gate? Or is it King Bantu Banujala, who, despite his risky position, refused to confess to his secret past? The citizens of Harlem are divided on this. Only time will tell as events unfold in the Kingdom of Harlem. Zogi pursues the origin of his birthmark, will he uncover the truth about his real identify?

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Adeola Sonola

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Adeola is a trained lawyer and practices as a commercial solicitor in the UK. She likes to write in her private time, which she calls her ”scribbles”. Adeola is mother to three children and gets her inspiration for writing from nature and reading.

The Harlem Beast

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