The Heathen King

I am thrilled with the quality of this author. Her writing skills are insane. The world she created is so impressively soul capturing.

About The Book

This is not your happily ever after fairytale where the prince rescues his princess and they dance into the sunset. No. This story is a story of darkness, where the good guys go bump in the night.

From the author, Relynn Wicks comes a dark fantasy fiction, and the first installment in The Chronicles of Chaos trilogy, The Heathen King.

Sebastian Drake, a prince in a royal family in the land of Erras, is one of 13 siblings. Sebastian is the black sheep of the family who holds a mighty gift passed down from the ancient gods. He is adventurous, angsty, disobedient, and in love with a prince from another kingdom named Cyrus. He is despised by his oldest brother, Berren.

Berren is the oldest of the Drake siblings. Berren is very militant and angry. He believes he is the future of the kingdom, but deep down knows his brother Sebastian is his ultimate rival.

When Sebastian’s father, King Ivan decides Sebastian is the ideal future of the Drake family, Berren plans a coo to eliminate his brother’s power and position.

This is the tale of a prince forced into exile. In this frozen land to the north, he takes arms with a tribe of forgotten warriors who teach him the secret of his power in order to be the king the world needs. Sebastian leads them to war to reclaim his birthright and to save his family and his kingdom from an uncertain future.

This sinister fable is packed full of twists, love, and enchantment as the young prince comes to understand his place among the great gods. With great power comes great sacrifice. With great sacrifice, comes honour.

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” I am thrilled with the quality of this author. Her writing skills are insane. The world she created is so impressively soul capturing. “

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” In an amazing and honest look at toxic family dynamic and sense of self, this book resonates with the struggles of modern day people who don’t quite fit the mold. “

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Relynn Wicks

About the Author

Relynn Wicks was born in Vero Beach, Florida, and currently resides in Oklahoma City, OK. She has published fiction and non-fiction books. Relynn loves mythical fantasy and medieval history. Her favorite movies include The Hobbit/LOTR, Harry Potter, The Avengers (As well as the avenger members origin movies), The Chronicles of Narnia series, and anything comic book related. Her favorite tv shows include Game of Thrones, The Punisher, 13 Reasons Why, The Office, and Daredevil. Her favorite music artists include Post Malone and Panic at the Disco.Relynn has been writing since she was 15, writing music and song lyrics, then went onto poetry. She published her first book in 2014. Her latest book, The Heathen King, is the first in The Chronicles of Chaos series. Relynn spent over a year writing the Heathen King and is currently working on book two that will be titled, The Witch King.

The Heathen King

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