The Improbable Wonders of Moojie Littleman

An Original Novel of Hope that Transcends Genre and Language

About The Book

Moojie Littleman is not just another disabled orphan, he isnot just a kid who falls into a series of magical, mystical adventuresinvolving goats, bees, and watermelons. He is, above all, the mostunlikely hero ever known. Through friendship with alien outcasts, Moojie discovers his healing powers and a surprising destiny … if only hecan survive one, last terrifying trial. Welcome to Moojie’s mythical world of mayhem and merriment, where miracles arestandard fare, mistaken identity is rampant, and the desire to belongcan be dangerous.   From screenwriter and award-winning novelist, Robin Gregory, comes a masterful debutabout family and first love–brimming with compassion, lyricism, andoriginality. Winner of 24 awards.

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” An Original Novel of Hope that Transcends Genre and Language “

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” Highly Recommend to Lovers of Magical Realism and Fantasy! “

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Robin Gregory

About the Author

Robin Gregory is a storyteller who was born in Florida, but currently lives in the Land of Oz—California. She was raised amid cowboys and hippies, poppies and rattlesnakes, which frequent her stories. She likes to talk to animals, and sometimes they talk back, but mostly they just eat and poop. Her novels include fainting goats, supernaturals, scoundrels, and a hero in the throes of love. You won’t find blood-spurting limbs, vampires, or potty-mouthed dragons. As a rule. You can find her on Twitter @tweety_robin or

The Improbable Wonders of Moojie Littleman

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