The MacInnes Affair

Love stories about Scotland so found this book doubly interesting. The characters are so real, the writing perfect. Highly recommend.

About The Book

On holiday in Scotland, Lara MacInnes discovers the journals of a woman who loved Lara’s own very-great grandfather, Lachlan MacInnes, in the mid-eighteen hundreds. With the help of Iain Glendenning, a handsome Highlander, Lara traces the path of this long-ago romance. Their research unearths mystery and murder. Uncovering the truth, a hundred and fifty years later, is a torturous and frustrating trail. Along the way, Lara and Iain fall in love. Can they put an end forever to the feud between the MacInnes and Glendenning Clans that has persisted since the Battle of Culloden?

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” Love stories about Scotland so found this book doubly interesting. The characters are so real, the writing perfect. Highly recommend. “

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” Scottish history is amazingly On top of all that you will love characters You will find yourself transported through Scottish history “

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Blair McDowell

About the Author

The two things I enjoy most in life are traveling and writing. I think I’ve been writing stories since the day I was first given a pencil and paper. I had a vivid imagination as a child…a characteristic that has gotten me into trouble more than once, and that has only increased with age. I’ve never been able to recount any event without embellishing it.So it was natural that I should turn to writing fiction. And even more natural to choose to write romantic suspense, where I could let my imagination run wild.In my earlier days, my work took me to some fascinating places; the Torres Strait islands, off the north coast of Australia, the Caribbean before it became a tourist haven, Hungary when the Russian soldiers were still patrolling the streets. I spent time in Australia, Austria, and Germany. And later in Italy and Greece. These locales became the settings for my books: ~ Canada’s Sunshine Coast – Sonata ~ Greece – The Memory of Roses ~ Italy – Where Lemons Bloom ~ Germany, Austria and Hungary – Romantic Road ~ France – Fatal CharmI built a house on a small still un-touristic island in the Caribbean – on a plot of land with no electricity or running water. Friends there told me stories and legends about their island and Delighting In Your Company was born.In a word, I have lived a rather unorthodox life…And loved every minute of it.Today I am more settled. I operate a Bed & Breakfast with a friend on British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast in the spring and summer. When fall comes we head for Europe. Last year we traveled to Scotland to research the locale for my work in progress, The MacInnes Affair. It weaves together two love stories, one in the present and one in the past, in Scotland and in Canada.A recent reviewer referred to my “vivid and clear descriptions of places” that that made her feel “as if she were there.” She queried whether I had used Google or had actually been to all those places.My answer to all such questions is: Been there, done that!

The MacInnes Affair

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