The Masked Kid Goes West

Dan Neiser is just plain fun to read.

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Graduating from high school, the Masked Kid narrowly escaps a mob of angry classmates blaming him for making their annuals late. He becomes a budding young college scientist with good intentions but terrorizes his fellow students with experiments gone wrong. He goes on to become a Secret Agent in his own mind, horrifying dates with a car that cuts out intermittently on dark highways. Later, fantasizing that he is the Caped Crusader, he applies ‘Roommate Revenge’ to defend his Boy Wonder roommate against a heartless ex girlfriend. Nobody is safe, the Masked Kid is on the loose again, and will soon be heading West.

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” Dan Neiser is just plain fun to read. “

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” He deals so well with the improbable and the unlikely things of life. “

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Dan Neiser

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The Masked Kid Goes West

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