The Music of Women

Beautiful moments of striking emotionally relatability were not enough

About The Book

Success does not usually equate with death― unless you happen to be novelist Charlie Forte. When Charlie receives the largest book advance of his career, he comes to two conclusions: He is a shit, and he is going to kill himself. But, a stone garden wall and twenty-four women cause him to experience what he likes to call “planus interruptus.”

Charlie experiences the women in his life through the music he associates with them. “The Music of Women” is a cautionary tale for all men who would be seduced by the ageless siren song of women.

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” Beautiful moments of striking emotionally relatability were not enough “

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” The Music of Women is a good story about a guy who intends to kill himself and is giving an account of his life and his relationships with women while getting prepared. “

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Vincent Panettiere

About the Author

The Music of Women is the fourth novel written by Vincent Panettiere. The other novels are: A WOMAN TO BLAME, THE SCOPAS FACTOR and the award-winning and critically acclaimed THESE THY GIFTS. He has also written The Internet Financing Illusion which deals with the dark side of the Internet. Website He is a former licensed and bonded literary agent in Los Angeles representing writers and directors in TV/Film. At the same time he was an agent certified by the Major League Baseball Players Association to represent major league baseball players and did so. As a writer early in his career he wrote and sold several film projects that in the byzantine world of motion pictures were not produced. He began his career as a reporter for the wire service UPI and Boston Herald, a daily newspaper.

The Music of Women

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